Monday, February 2, 2009


Had an amazing experience the other day. As I mentioned back in November I have searches saved on Google Reader that tell me when someone in the blogosphere has written about thrifting or garage saling. (That’s how I've found a number of you!) So on Friday I came across this:
From garage saling – Google Blog Search by unknown
My sister in CA has great luck buying designer clothes at garage sales and sells on ebay. She is more of an occasional seller so that format works for her. She has the best blog about garage saling, a link is on my page ...

Wait a minute, I thought. That’s me. I'm the sister in California. And I was right, it was my sis Midcentury Marilyn participating in a discussion group for sellers of antiques and vintage stuff. It just felt so weird to turn up in my own Reader like that! Hmmm, perhaps that was my fifteen seconds of fame. (I know, it used to be fifteen minutes, but I keep hearing that everything moves faster these days.) So thanks, Midcentury M, for the plug and the surprise! I guess it's true that you can run but you can't hide!

The Thrifty Chicks are doing a fun promo this week. Amy is giving away thrifted items in exchange for various pledges. Today you’re supposed to pledge you’ll visit a thrift store this week. I’m hoping she’ll give me dispensation to substitute a yard sale or two. Or five. She’s a real evangelist for thrifting, and dang, does she find great stuff. If you’d like to feel some pure, unadulterated thrifting envy, watch the slide shows on her site of her thrifted finds.

Speaking of thrifted finds…my butt is sittin’ in that red rocker from last Saturday right this minute. Pulled it up to the computer to see how rocking and typing work together. So far so good. And I'm liking my new mug except for one thing…turns out when you microwave water in it for tea, the handle gets hot. Really hot. I've got the burn on my finger to prove it!


  1. Hi the chair is an awesome find, very well done!!

  2. The Thrifty Chicks new giveaway is a bit more challenging to win. You have to promise to DONATE an item to a thrift store. ;o)

  3. Speaking of Giveaways - come on over to my OldTimeMeArtist blog. I think you may be surprised. ;)

  4. Did you find a buyer for the alpaca? If not, I'm interested in it!!! Love it since we visited an alpaca farm in December.


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