Tuesday, August 23, 2016

Home Again, Home Again, Jiggety Jog

Our trip to New Mexico and beyond was fabulous! Met lots of nice people (some with two feet, some with four)

saw amazing scenery,

and thoroughly enjoyed all the eye candy in Santa Fe – art of all kinds, 

jewelry, even clothing. I absolutely fell in love with this shirt decorated with poppies.

It’s only $1140 (not a typo – eleven hundred forty!). What do you think, should I have bought it for a souvenir? That’s almost as much as we paid to do the entire trip!

I made several new friends.

Hmmm, I wonder if I have some frog DNA...
One of the highlights of our time in southern Utah was an off-road tour via Jeep to a slot canyon. We could hardly believe the beauty and stillness.

We saw faces in the rocks everywhere we went.
We got back to Marcia’s home with enough time to do some laundry and repack. Saturday morning we headed toward the airport in plenty of time to get in some garaging back in my old stomping grounds. I had to be really restrained since I was a thousand miles from home and my suitcase was stuffed. But I managed to fit in a pair of earrings 

and three gauzy rayon jackets from the 80s. If I hadn’t known they were vintage by the labels I might have thought they were new, since this style is currently popular again. One of them even has poppies! 

At two dollars each, these are probably a better souvenir than the shirt in Santa Fe…and I won't be afraid to wear them!

While I was away, KK had a good day at the Goodwill bins. She presented me with this shirt when we had breakfast Monday morning. (All the ladies around us in the restaurant wanted it!)

Kind of reminds me of someone.

When I figure out how i want to reuse the fabric, I’ll have to embroider Millie’s mustache on one of the faces.

Speaking of Millie, she is starting college on Wednesday. I told you she was smart, yes? Four months old and in college already! (Actually, she’s participating in this research project.) I just hope she doesn’t go bragging about it to Zoë. It might hurt Zozo’s feelings to know that she had to start in puppy kindergarten and Millie is going to straight to the university!

Monday, August 8, 2016

Travel Interim

Last weekend I was at the beach, where there was no garaging. Next weekend I'll be in Santa Fe, NM with a friend, hoping to find a few yard sales among the gallery- and restaurant-hopping (but who knows). So I was awfully glad to spend a happy couple of hours this weekend in my native habitat, shopping on driveways. 

I almost didn’t go out, thinking I had too much to do, but I'm so glad I did because I found one of those ‘holy grail’ items you just never see on a driveway.

The first sale was on Thursday. I was on my way to the grocery store and noticed a sign pointing into one of my favorite midcentury neighborhoods. I turned, wound down a couple of curving streets, and parked at the end of a private road. From the first table I picked this up.

We have five guest beds, so another twin sheet is always welcome! I couldn’t resist this 1943 book.

These martini ornaments were too cute to leave behind.

A couple of silk scarves called to me. At a quarter each I had to heed the call.

So much more fun (and less expensive!) than anything I found at the grocery store!

Friday morning I made a short list of addresses and headed out. The first sale was a fund raiser for a family with a premature baby who is in NICU up in Portland. They had many donations from friends and family so it was quite a sale, with amazing prices. (I think they had been given so much stuff that the goal was as much to move it all out as to make money!) I quickly scooped up some sewing notions.

A quilter friend had donated pieces of fabric, and at five for a dollar I was happy to forage. I brought home nice sized pieces of this lovely floral

and a ‘hugs & kisses’ print

I think these two have to be coordinated prints.

And there’s a full yard of this one!

The clothing was mostly in tubs. I pulled out a linen sweater for a quarter, and a silk one for fifty cents.

This fabric of this never-worn linen shirt is just about heavy enough to count as a jacket.

I like the price I paid so much more than the original!

These zinnia seeds were packed for 2012 so who knows if they will sprout next summer (probably too late to try them this year). But I was willing to gamble a quarter.

My contribution wasn’t much, but every little it helps. More cars were arriving as I left. I hope they sold everything and made a lot!

At another sale, my only buy was half a dozen blooming lobelia plants for a dollar. The lady selling them plants hundreds of flowering plants in her greenhouse each spring and fills her own large beds and apparently half the neighborhood as well. She had a few flats left, and I have a few bare spots in my pots where the lobelia had petered out. We had a nice chat about plant lust and how hard they are to resist.

There was one more sale where I bought something. As I walked up I saw a folded wool blanket, cream with colorful strips. I picked it up (weighs a ton!) and started checking the corners for a label, figuring this was probably another JC Penney piece like I have on one of the guest beds downstairs. I stopped breathing when I spotted this.

OMG, a real Hudson’s Bay blanket. It’s one of those things you just never see on driveways; I've spotted a handful over the years at estate sales but they were always very expensive. New ones of the size I found retail for close to $500, and even used they go for up to $350 or so. And this one?

Ten smackeroos.

So yes, it's most likely going on eBay in the fall. If I can get Zoë to move off of it!

Monday, July 25, 2016

It Was the Spoon That Did It

That first sale on Friday was a hoot. Lovely house was a couple’s retirement home until their recent move to assisted living. Daughters and son-in-law were selling what won’t fit in the new place. I really wish I could have met the parents, because the mom’s taste…was my taste! I knew it when one of the daughters told me her mom never met a teddy bear she didn’t like. I was a bit relieved not to find any irresistible bears (after all, I bought one just last week!). But then I got to the table with pins and earrings.

Trouble was, the little sign said earrings were five bucks, and I almost never spend that much for them. But the sellers and another shopper and I were chatting away, and they mentioned they’d never had a sale before and did we think the prices were okay.

You should never ask me that if you don’t want me to answer!

I said that their goal was to get rid of stuff, and that they would do best if they are open to offers through the day. And that for something like earrings I never spend more than a dollar or two.

Gotta say, I really liked this lady. Don’t we always love folks who take our advice? She grabbed a pen and made a new sign, and now the earrings were a dollar a pair! And I loved her mother’s earrings. So this is what I picked out. I wore these nice dangly ones yesterday

and today I'm wearing the sea otters with the lapis beads.

Mom loved hummingbirds, as do I – and I have no idea how these tiny things were carved from wood!

What knitter could resist pewter alpacas to dangle from her ears? (At least I think they are alpacas.)

Faceted crystal cubes are just fun.

And lastly, tiny silver oak leaves and acorns. 

I finally tore myself away from the earrings, thinking I'd better make myself stop or I'd have to grow more ears so I can wear them all. And there on a nearby table was the other piece I couldn’t resist. 

I might have been able to leave behind the little pottery condiment bowl, but not the rosewood spoon. I was undone by the spoon. 

As I left, other shoppers were arriving, and the son-in-law was greeting everyone with a little speech about how they’d never done this before, and if something is too high let’s talk about it. “I'm a quick study,” he informed me.

I hit two or three more sales before heading home, less than the usual number, but you might remember the new addition to our family. Her escapade on Thursday evening made me reluctant to leave her to her own devices for too long.

It's been 14 years since we last had a kitten, and I had forgotten a few things. EVERYTHING is a toy. (Including dangling earrings!) Kittens have bodies that Olympic athletes could only envy, zero life experience, and are willing to do absolutely anything. Anything

Like jump up on the stair railing, and from there to the top of the refrigerator. I chuckled at the sight, then stopped chuckling abruptly when Millie decided to jump down behind the refrigerator. 

It has wheels, I'll just pull it out. No biggie, I thought. But it Would. Not. Budge. Not a centimeter. (Millie-meter?) I tugged and pulled. Nope. 

Husband out of town, home alone. Called a friend who lives a few blocks south. No answer. Millie starting to emit frustrated cries and scrabbling around back there. I called Judy, who lives a few blocks north, and thank heavens she answered. Not only answered but immediately stopped cooking dinner and hurried over. 

She took two seconds to assess the situation and asked if I have a dolly, which we do. A few minutes later, between the dolly and the two of us and more tugging we’d gotten the wheels unstuck from the floor and the fridge pulled out. Revealing several years of dirt, and a completely unruffled kitten who strolled out nonchalantly and sat down to flick a few smuts off her whiskers.

All of this to explain why there are now suitcases on top of my refrigerator. 

I knew those vintage Samsonites would come in handy – perfect to cover up the gap behind the fridge!

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