Monday, January 22, 2018


We were in the back hallway of a house having an estate sale Friday when KK saw someone who looked familiar.

“Are you Bo’s mom?” she asked, and the woman said yes. “I’ve seen you at the dog park,” KK went on. “I go there with my dog Willow? That Bo is just the cutest little thing.”

The woman looked a bit confused. KK went on talking about the dog park, until the lady interrupted her, laughing. “Actually, my dog’s name is Charlie Brown. Usually my husband takes him to the dog park but sometimes I do. But the reason I said yes was, my son is named Bo!” We all cracked up over the coincidence. I mean, what are the odds?

That was the sale where I spent the most money on Friday—a buck and a half. For which I got an unopened can of tahini and two fancy jars of jam.

It was not a big spending day! My only other purchases were for danglies to put on textile necklaces—a bracelet

and a couple of bobeches (bobeche? aka candle wax drip catchers) with nice beads.

KK’s big splurge was two bucks for a large sheet of high-quality plywood for a future painting. Which came from a sale where we saw something surprising...KK’s truck again! And this time we got to meet that other KK. Who evidently is another thrifter, so we will probably keep running into her and her unusual vehicle.

Turns out that it's not a golf cart at all. It's a one seat, three-wheeled vehicle made for use as a meter-maid cart. She pointed out to us how strongly it’s built, with roll bars built into the chassis all around. I believe it is one of these Westward Interceptors. She bought it at a police auction in Seattle.

Reportedly it is street legal and will do up to 60 MPH. “But the only time I tried that,” said the other KK, “it was pretty scary. With just one front wheel it wouldn’t take much to tip over at that speed.”

She seems to be making good thrifting use of her diminutive steed. There was an 8 foot long board sticking out of the off-side window!

Some of you may remember my big splurge from a few weeks ago on a 100% alpaca throw. Ten bucks is definitely a lot for me to spend, but these babies cost hundreds of dollars if you buy them in a store, and it’s quite luscious. Turns out I'm not the only one who thinks so—our Zoë has discovered that the best place to spend the night is curled up in alpaca.

Isn’t this the epitome of why we thrift? I'd be terrified to spend hundreds on pretty much anything, afraid of ruining it and wasting all that money. But by spending a few hours shopping on driveways, Zozo and I can both wallow in luxury!


  1. My cat has the best instinct for something soft and expensive! Love the bracelet also!

    1. They always seem to know which items will show off their discarded hairs best too!

  2. Wow such a great deal on that Alpaca throw! I bought Alpaca socks last week for $35.....I know, I know I was desperate because my feet are so cold when I work from home!

    1. I completely get alpaca socks! Would you believe I paid almost that much for a skein of alpaca yarn once to MAKE socks? But it was so nice to handle that yarn I could not regret it. Hope your feet are warmer now!

  3. Thanks for an entertaining post!

  4. You & Zoey have excellent taste! And now you have something that tastes good as well!


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