Wednesday, January 10, 2018

A Good Omen for the New Year!

One of the folks whose blog I read is Kelly Cline, an amazing quilter. I think I first found her site because she does a lot of quilting using vintage textiles, and as you may know those things follow me home from sales like little lost puppies.

So Sunday evening a new post on her blog popped up on my feed reader entitled "We Have a Ruler Winner!" You can imagine my surprise as I began to read:
CONGRATULATIONS TO Queen of Fifty Cents!!! I don’t know your name, or who you are, but you are the winner and I love your thrifty blog! 
Seems like a good omen for a creative year to win a set of quilting rulers before the first week has passed.

The only slight hiccup is that these are used for free motion quilting, which I have not (yet!) done. But what better motivation to learn, right? I'll keep you posted on my free motion adventures once they begin.

Meanwhile, here's a piece I just finished, made in large part as a learning exercise. I used some of the upholstery sample fabrics I picked up in September for the rooster. In fact all of the fabric, thread and batting came from other people's driveways.

I tried out some of the techniques from the Craftsy class I've been watching called Stupendous Stitching.  I learned how to do the edge binding using a felling foot, and the hanging sleeve on the back with the blindstitch foot that came with my Bernina I found on Craigslist. A total thrifting project!


  1. How great is that! I don't quilt but love to look at quilts!

  2. Cute!! Package is on it's way ;) Hope you'll give them a try!!

  3. The rooster is fab. Such a clever use of fabric. x

  4. You're a winner! Look at that rooster! I'm a quilter, too, but I haven't done much lately except make a few mug rugs! Lucky you!

    1. I love little projects that you can actually complete in a timely manner!

  5. Congratulations on your win! I love your use of fabrics for the rooster. Would like to see some close-ups of your stitches. Can’t wait to see what you do with the rulers!

  6. Wow so beautiful. I am very proud to you. That is how my eldest used to say this when she was 3.


I really love your comments. Thanks for coming along on my thrifty adventures!

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