Tuesday, July 18, 2017

Textile Mania

I swear to you, I do not go out looking for cloth. My watch-for list includes things like plant-support grids (found some once, keep hoping for more), specific sizes of picture frames, unvarnished wooden beads, padded envelopes. In fact, I even put on my list in shouting capital letters NO CLOTHES OR FABRIC!!!

Hmmm. Guess I should actually read my list more often, and then pay attention to it. But really, how could I not bring these things home? I swear, a bundle forced its way into my hands at an estate sale, with a vintage fruity tablecloth, 

an appliqued & embroidered guest towel, 

a parrot embroidery, 

a vintage laundry bag,

and the cutest dish towel ever.

How could I resist three large pieces of this amazing, vibrant floral fabric 

or a pack of four brand new cloth napkins at a dollar each? (That's a dollar for the three fabric pieces, and a dollar for the four napkins.)

Or a big coffee can full of thread for another buck? 

Especially since it held 3 dozen spools of thread, 

including vintage wooden spools with cool labels, 

plus needles (yes, I did find the first one the hard way, ouch!), 

hooks & eyes, 

beading wire, 

and a seam ripper.

Then there were the pieces of cloth from Japan priced at 25¢.

Millie likes them.

She also likes the wire basket I found at our first stop. 

I'm happy to say I have an upcycling idea for it that involves some of the cloth I keep bringing home.

Lest you be tempted to paint me with the “hoarder” brush, I hasten to add I'm actively using up some of the fabric stash. This week’s project was a little art quilt.

As with my mending project from last week, everything to make it was thrifted. Oh, the freedom of thrifted supplies! Fabric scraps from free boxes, gold and silver metallic thread from the Baptist rummage sale, 

batting and fusible web from driveways a few months ago. Bunny was cut from a little scrap of cashmere.

I think the world needs more dancing bunnies, don’t you?


  1. I believe all your treasures deserved a new life. the dancing bunny is the cutest.

    1. That's the rationale I keep using - these things deserve to be appreciated! Bunny says thank you.

  2. I love, love, LOVE household textiles. Especially vintage ones, and especially when they are such a bargain. I recently went thru my linen closet and revisited (as I do each time I clean that closet) the 40s and 50s things that were my mom's. She's been gone since 1963, my 80-something sister just died and I am the "baby" at 64 years old. So just what am I saving those things for. I used to use some of them around the house, but I don't decorate the same way anymore. I came to the 3 card table-sized printed tablecloths, rather like the one you showed. One needs a bit of darning, one is going to be cut up to make a dress for a muslin bunny, and one became an apron for me! New printed fabric for backing, ties and pocket but I am thrilled with it. I plan to wear the heck out of it once it is exhibited at our county fair. Also came to some hand-crocheted lace and used it today to make some "magic pillowcases". Do you know about these? Look it up and you'll find multiple directions. They go together like lightning, and are French-seamed, if you care to do that. Otherwise you can do a regular seam and seam finish. With all the fabric you've bought recently this will clear your stash and make for some lovely gifts.

    1. I'm happy to know I'm not alone! I don't have family pieces to revisit, but sometimes I feel that all those women who labored to create such beauty ARE my family, my ancestors.

      It's wonderful that you are finding ways to use your treasures. I use vintage linens every day of my life. Let's use them up and revel in them.

      Bet you win a blue ribbon at the county fair!

  3. I don't sew but I love fabric!?! My Mom is a sewer/quilter so my love of fabrics comes from her. Great finds and bargain prices!!

    1. One of the things I love about fabric is that you don't even have to sew to be able to use and appreciate it!

  4. Did you find a tile with the dancing bunny on it? I seem to have a memory of one.
    The parrot, laundry bag and chef are frame-worthy!

    1. Wow, good memory! I have both a tile and a small tray by Karen Howell, a ceramic artist who did - yup! - dancing bunnies!

  5. Well, goodness, there are a lot worse habits you could have than a fabric addiction :-) The art quilt is darling.

  6. Terrific art quilt! Now you'll have to do one for the eclipse!

  7. Great idea...except I think I may be too busy cooking and cleaning for all the people who are coming to view the eclipse!

  8. I LOVE the bunny......(s)he is lovely!


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