Friday, July 21, 2017


My new book was published this week and is ready and waiting for you!

Sounds faded into silence as Louisa gazed into a mirror, a mirror in time.  She stared at the photograph of a young woman and baby, every detail of their clothing and hair and jewelry period-perfect. Who are these strangers—and why does the woman look exactly like her?

Secrets from an unknown past collide with Louisa’s dilemma over her own future as she unravels the story behind the vintage portrait. But can she stay one step ahead of the enemy dogging her footsteps?

Bay in the Dark is available on Amazon both in paperback ($15.95) and ebook ($2.99) formats. If you’re a member of Kindle Unlimited, you can read it for free. (Such a deal!) And if you don’t own a Kindle, no problem: you can put the free Kindle app on any computer, tablet or phone.

The grateful author thanks you for your support!


  1. I read your first book and enjoyed it! I think I'll get this on my Kindle!

  2. Just downloaded on Kindle Unlimited. I so enjoyed your other books!

    1. Thanks, you made my day! If you get a chance to leave a little review on Amazon that would be amazing!


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