Monday, May 30, 2016

Hats and Owls and Technology, Oh My

I was so glad we persevered Friday until that last sale. Not that it was difficult; Judy & I had a great time. But I would have hated to miss the conversation we had. Judy was considering a little rolling garden cart thingie that you sit on while weeding. It was marked $15 but the guy thought he could take five. Which is a pretty good discount, but her dilemma was, where to store it when it wasn’t in use? I know it seems like we weed 24/7 this time of year…but we don’t. 

So she decided to pass up the deal. As we headed to the car she told the seller, “I'm sure you can get your price for it. I've done you a favor not buying it!”

There was a definite twinkle in his eye as he said, “In that case, it sounds like I should pay you for leaving it.”

Which we thought was a great idea. Hmmm, a new source of retirement income…NOT buying things at yard sales!

We missed KK, who was at the beach (poor thing!). But…there were vintage hats at an estate sale. 

This last one looked equally good with the trim at the front or the back. Judy scored a couple of pairs of cute shoes (Red! Green!) and we chatted with another lady getting the pair of gold tennies. Someone else in that room said, “Hey, there’s a hat that matches,” and sure enough there was a gold cowboy-style hat with fancy trim on the closet shelf. She went off clutching the hat and shoes and wearing a big smile.

I spent a whopping $3.50 over the morning, and I wish I'd spent about a buck more. One of our first stops had a whole bunch of these boxes of bandaids, which she was happy to take a quarter apiece for. 

Don’t you love the verbiage on the box? All that technology…for bandaids. I can just see myself in the first aid aisle at the drugstore dithering over which technology I want in my bandaids. 

Then as luck would have it, I woke up yesterday morning with a little cut on my right thumb. (Which I was not aware of when I went to bed the night before. How the heck did I get cut in my sleep?) Not much of an injury but annoyingly in the way (don’t know about you, but I use my right thumb all the time) so I slapped one of the new bandaids on it. And wouldn’t you know, it's the best darned bandaid I've ever used. Stayed on all day, even through washing a dog. Now I wish I'd brought home a lifetime supply! Especially since this is what you see when you open the box:

Speaking of dog washing, I've had my eye out for something to make sleeve protectors with. I wash ZoĆ« in the kitchen sink and always end up almost as wet as she does. So I was happy to pluck this vinyl tablecloth out of a free box. 

It has a zipper so it can go around an umbrella on a patio table. After I rather laboriously made the sleeve thingies, I realized that what was left would make a perfect dog-washing poncho to keep the rest of me dry. 

So I tried it out yesterday. Wouldn’t you know it – the sleeve protectors weren’t a bit of use, water went right under the elastic around the wrists and the vinyl was too stiff to be comfortable. I'm not entirely sure how my elbows got so wet! But the poncho worked great. So I tossed the sleevies and kept the poncho. Back to the drawing board on the dry sleeves.

I also scored a couple of DVDs 

and another windowsill vase. 

But this is my favorite find of the day – an embroidered pillowcase. 

Don’t you love the expressions on the owls’ faces? 

I think they might be discussing just whose turn it is to weed!


  1. You are so crafty making sleeve protectors from a vinyl tablecloth! SCORE!

    1. I still think the idea is sound, even though this pair didn't make the grade. Ah, the beauty of a free box - if something doesn't work you can toss it!

  2. Fun times at yard sales. Love the pillow case!

  3. It is indeed challenging to stay dry while bathing a small dog! The only reliable way I've found to keep my arms dry is the old fashioned solution of rolling up the sleeves ;-) I never thought of the poncho though! Let us know if you figure out the dry arms thing.

    1. That is indeed my time-honored method, which I will continue until I find another solution. Meanwhile, the poncho is a keeper.

  4. Garage sale season has started here.....Hooray!!

    1. I am SO happy for you! I had to decide which area of town to go to today...lots of choices! And I still only spent $2.50. What a frugal hobby!


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