Monday, May 23, 2016

Hundred Percent

When Judy climbed into the back seat of KK’s SUV the other day, we all said hi, then she immediately told us about four unrelated things. She paused for a second, then commented, “I am one hundred percent random.”

I thought that was just the best line ever. “I want to put that on a t-shirt,” I told her, and grabbed my Kindle Fire so I could make a note. (I knew I'd never remember later if I didn’t write it down.) 
KK went me one better; she spoke to her phone and told it to take a note. When she was finished, it repeated back to her what it had saved.

“I’m one hundred percent Rhonda,” it intoned. We all cracked up. I'm afraid that is going to become a catchphrase for all of us. Years down the road, someone will ask how we’re doing. “Oh, I'm a hundred percent Rhonda,” will be the answer. I can hardly wait.

KK and I had a random/Rhonda Friday last week. Strike that, we actually began on Thursday, which was the first day of the Episcopalians’ rummage sale. (Which they have been doing since something like 1936.) I thought I was going to get out of there with only three vintage Christmas balls for fifty cents. Then I strolled over to the menswear and hit pay dirt. I love the crazy print on this rayon shirt

which I've already remodeled with a modified collar and a couple of tucks at the waist for a little shape. 

As if the fabric wasn’t busy enough, I replaced the buttons with seven different ones from my stash.

The sweater rack yielded up a couple of cashmeres for two bucks a piece.

When I got home, I looked up the brand. Turns out they came from a pricey store in San Francisco, where Scottish cashmere sweaters like these are still available. The price tag? Oh, between $400 & $600 – each. How fast do you think I got back in the car to go look again? Found two more with the same label, this time wool and cashmere blend. 

These are more reasonably priced in the store. Only about $350 each! Sheesh! Glad I didn’t quibble at the $2 price tag!

On Friday, one of our first stops was an estate sale where I picked up this large, all-wool throw. It's not a Pendleton (actually heavier and larger than my Pendleton throws) but very nice quality. And $5 seemed like a very nice price tag. 

I was carrying it around when another lady noticed it and wondered if it were hand woven. She mentioned she is a weaver. I told her there was another piece where I had picked up the throw that was hand woven and took her to see it. This was a gorgeous long scarf in shades of purple that I had considered, but it was a whopping $8 so I had put it back. She took one look at the maker’s tag still attached and beamed. “It's by Gayle!” she said. “I know her, I took a class from her.” She had made a wonderful vest of her own handwoven fabric in this class, but alas, the first time she went to wash it she found she was out of Woolite. Off to the store for more (leaving the vest lying on the washing machine). When she returned she found her lovely husband had done the laundry for her. Yup, including her vest, which did not take kindly to the experience. It sounded like it came out doll-sized. Sigh. But at least the purple handwoven scarf got a good home. Where it will only be hand washed.

We had a pretty good list of sales, but at least four of them turned out to be nonexistent. Annoying. I'm just glad none were far afield. One that did exist had a trash pile with an old light fixture lying on it. KK took it home…and now it is a bird feeder! (When Judy saw the picture, her response was “That's just for the upper class birds 👑 Too fancy for our birds!”

We were almost through the list when we came to a moving sale not far from my house. I spotted a pretty sheet right away and noticed it was marked 50¢.

The fabric is wonderfully soft; turns out it's a king-size Ralph Lauren flat. (Which would have retailed between $125 – 185. For one sheet.) I've been wanting to make a kimono jacket to throw on these cool mornings (it's still getting down into the forties at night here) and thought this would be good fabric to try. In the same box I found a duvet cover for the same purpose. It's only a twin size, but a double layer of fabric. Lots to play with.

While I was looking at sheets, KK was going through a rack of clothes. I heard her ask the guy holding the sale how much they were. “A quarter each,” he said. I headed for the clothing rack! Found a pair of Ellen Tracy linen pants that fit, just need to shorten them.

Forgot to get a picture of the navy and white striped Ralph Lauren shirt I gave my SIL (told her if she doesn’t like it she can use it for a rag – since it cost a quarter). Also picked out a boiled wool vest that’s a little small, but could be fun combined with some kind of sweater.

This sheer cardigan is knit of linen and was probably purchased at Nordstrom.

I brought home this Jones New York blazer because I like the wool/silk/linen fabric.

Could be fun to upcycle, but before I do I might try to resell it…since it still has the $229 hang tag on it!
As we headed to the car with our arms full, KK said, “I'm betting he just got divorced and wants her stuff gone.”

She was probably right. Or maybe it was just a hundred percent Rhonda.


  1. If you put the 'I'm a 100%...' t shirts on Etsy, I'd buy one!

  2. If I had that kind of money to spend on sheets and clothes, I would buy something other than sheets and clothes. The prices you paid are so much better.

    1. No kidding. My mind boggles at the thought of a $600 sweater. Don't you wonder what those people would pay for the kinds of things we actually would pay $600 for?

  3. Wow to the retail prices of some of those items you found. And people wonder why I thrift and yard sale shop...silly people.

    1. I know, right? Don't you love looking up your finds and getting that jaw-drop moment when you see what someone ELSE paid?

    2. One hundred per cent Sheesh, I'd say!

  4. what was name of san fran mens store if u don't mind me asking.

    1. Bullock & Jones. Apparently they began in 1853, making suits for newly-wealthy gentlemen profiting from the Gold Rush. Guess a good rummage sale is my version of the Gold Rush!

  5. We've had so much rain here that yard sale season for us just hasn't taken off yet. I went to one at a church Sat. but only bought a chair for my grandson. I've found several for the weekend of my granddaughter's dance recital. Sigh. Maybe June will be better for me.

    1. You poor baby, you need some sales!

      That's one thing I noticed right away when we moved back to Oregon - rain slows thing down but doesn't stop them. People just hold their garage sales in their garages. Go figure!

  6. A delightful post! Some days we all have a little bit of Random Rhonda in us.


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