Wednesday, March 5, 2014


I was going to use one of those random number generators you can find online to pick the winner of my book giveaway. But it seemed so…impersonal. And then my cat Mrs. Wilberforce decided to take a hand. Er, paw.


“You left us cats out of your books,” she said in slightly huffy tones. “The least you can do is let me pick your winner.”

But how? I asked her. “Use my birthday,” she replied. What a good idea, I said. Especially since your birthday is coming up soon.

“Hey,” said her brother Noll Baxter. “You left me out of the books too. I want to pick a number.”


Well, technically I didn’t put any of you guys in, I told him. The dogs in the books are not Zoe and Edward.

“Yeah, but they’re dogs,” he grumped. (Actually, he likes the dogs a lot.)

Oh, all right, I told them. We’ll give away two pairs of books, not just one, and use both your birthdays.

They purred in triumph.

So. Mrs. W will be 13 on the 17th of March…so we’ll use number 17 in her honor. And the 17th comment was left by Carolsue. Who has a kitty picture on her comment, which seems pretty appropriate.

Noll’s birthday is the 6th of August (he’s 10), and entry number 6 was…ta da!…Darth Mama and her dog Tiger. Which also seems appropriate, since Noll is yellow and kind of stripey and would like to think he is quite the tiger. (We’ll let him keep his illusions.)

So there you have our winners…for this time. Yes, we’re going to do this again soon. Stay tuned!



  1. Hooray! If dogs & cats can live together in peace, maybe there's hope for us!

    1. I always have hope...but I also think dogs and cats are smarter than people!

  2. Thank you! My Tiger adores cats -- unfortunately, they do not often like him, since he thinks the best way to play with cats is to jump around a lot and slurp a lot. (He ends up whapped on the nose a lot.)


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