Saturday, March 22, 2014

Ring Around the Rosy…

A pocketful of posies (yes, I have posies right now)

Daffofil Heaven 

Ashes, ashes, we all fall down!

Except we didn’t all fall down – just me! Yes my dears, I took a tumble today, hurrying to an estate sale. We had to park a couple of blocks away and walk downhill, and I just did not see that hump in the pavement. It reached out and tripped me in a most unpleasant manner (I’m sure I heard it snickering as my toe caught).

Falling down is strange, isn’t it? It happens so fast and yet you have time for so many thoughts to go through your mind. My thoughts included “Whoops!” and “Uh-oh!” and “Oh good I don’t think I’m going to fall!” and “Oh no I AM going to fall!” and “Yikes! I’m going to fall on my face!” and then “Owwww!!!”

Actually I was very lucky. The main point of impact seemed to be my right eye, which was protected by my glasses. Guess it was worth the extra I paid for the shatterproof lenses, because they pushed into my eye and covered it. Got a couple of cuts around the edges but without the glasses I think I’d probably have road burn on my eyelid and that sounds distinctly unpleasant. Also scraped a hand and a knee and my chin a little bit, but nothing serious.


When I was back on my feet my friend Toni, who had witnessed the whole thing and mercifully is not one of those people who manage to catch everything on her cell phone camera, wanted to take me home. I took stock of the damage and said heck no, let’s go to the sale. Okay, at least partly because we were almost there and I figured I could wash my scrapes off. Unfortunately I didn’t find a single thing I wanted to buy. If I had, I figure I could have demanded a discount.

Probably could have gone home then, the pickings were slim. Just a hat for Judy


and a Carhartt shirt for the hubs.


Had better luck on Friday when Judy and I were out. The blue shirt was only fifty cents (my husband’s wardrobe is really getting replenished).

Speaking of Judy, she found a brand new, quite fancy bra in exactly her size. I told her she had to model it for my blog. So she did.


Love the fabrics on this lightweight rayon jacket.


I think I can make these cushions over for last week’s vintage wire chairs. Noll loves them as-is though. He’s been re-enacting The Princess and the Pea since I got home with them.


And the most serendipitous find of the day has to have been this.


It was at our last stop and I’m sure people had looked inside all morning and thought “What the heck?” and left it there. Then I came along and looked inside and went, “Wow!”


Remember a few weeks ago I bought a set of Wahl dog clippers for two bucks? It came with a couple of blade guides and a mini clipper and some other stuff. Well, these are nearly a full set of blade guides, which determine how long the dog’s hair is left. And they fit my clippers!


We haven’t told Toni’s Shihtzu/Lab mix Xanadu yet, but she’s going to get a clip soon.


But that’s not the end of the clipper story. I recently saw something on a sewing supplies website about an electric seam ripper. It stuck in my mind for a few days since I have some projects that are going to involve un-sewing some seams. I started looking for more information. They turned out to be more expensive than I was okay with, but on Amazon I noted that one customer review said they are really nothing more than a small beard trimmer. And I said wait a minute. Got out the mini clippers and a seam that needed ripping and zip! It worked great!


So, for a total of $3 I have a complete dog clipping set in a nice carrying case, AND a fancy schmancy electric seam ripper. Guess that’s what makes you get up from the street and head on to the next sale!


  1. Oh dear!! I'm sorry you fell, but glad the damage wasn't too awful.

  2. Ouch! Glad you weren't badly hurt! You are hard core to stay in line and get to the sale! :) I'd have been crying boo hoo!

    1. I was just so relieved that my glasses didn't break. I'm blind as a bat without them!

  3. PS Your daffodils look beautiful!

  4. You are one tough driveway maven! Don't try to mess with the Queen of Fifty Cents!

    1. Yeah, that's me all right. And if you mess with me, I'll fall down on top of you and then you'll be sorry!

  5. Usually the thoughts that go through my head when I'm falling are curse words, which are also coming out of my mouth, Glad you were okay.

    1. Now the truth is out...there were indeed curses upon my lips. But this is a family type blog so I had to leave them out of the narrative!

  6. Sorry about the fall--but glad to hear you say "ashes, ashes"! 'Round here, they say "pussycat, pussycat", which is just stoopie.

    1. Anyone who tries that 'pussycat, pussycat' thing around here will have the Shih-Tzu/Lab sicced on them!

  7. I have been enjoying Judy's hat modeling skills on your blog for some time now, but she really went above and beyond for you this week! Hats off to Judy (really bad pun intended).

    And hope you are recovering from the fall, and glad to hear that it didn't stop you from your appointed rounds.

    1. I told Judy she should model the bra for the blog, and she did! She's the best, isn't she?

  8. your house looks like one of those Japanese homes with the elegant garden out in front! Sorry to hear about your glad your eye was not scratched, punctured or otherwise!

  9. Ouch to that fall, damn lady you're a trooper to keep going. Which one should if you're there ;D The vintage hunter cannot be stopped. Great scores as always.

  10. Ouch! I think I would have kept going too, hard to keep us away from a sale! Great find on the clipper stuff since you already had some of the pieces, I love it when that happens!

  11. Ouch! I think I would have kept going too, hard to keep us away from a sale! Great find on the clipper stuff since you already had some of the pieces, I love it when that happens!

  12. So the clipper doesn't ruin the cloth? Cool!


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