Sunday, July 29, 2012

The Faux French Door

We went to the HFH Re-store the other day to look for a French door for my office. (We’ve come to the fixing/upgrading doors part of our do-for-the-house list.) Didn’t find any the right size, darn it. But then we had to look around to see what else was there. (It’s like when you drop off a box of donations at the thrift store…don’t you always have to take a quick look to see if there’s something you need?) As I may have mentioned, we have a biggish family room downstairs that we use for a home theatre. So far it’s rather scantily furnished, being further down that same list.

There were a number of theatre seats for sale, in short rows of two and three, which were a little tempting. But they weren’t comfortable enough or vintage enough, so we turned away from them…only to spy this.


You know you’ve chosen the right life mate when you simultaneously fall for a vintage beauty shop dryer chair. But we did, and now she’s in the back row of our home theatre seats.


I was entranced by the instructions stapled inside to guide you in installing the dryer unit.


I love her. She’s quite comfy. And yes, the dryer works, so maybe if things get tight I can start a little home business down there. Although with my skills in hairdressing, I’d be well advised to stick to the writing. Maybe I’ll take my laptop down there and sit in her to write. Really, she’s much better than a French door! Of course, she did come with a feature I’ll never use.


I think she needs a name. So far I’m calling her Mildred, but I’m open to suggestions.

I ended up spending $6.50 at sales this weekend. Perhaps finding the chair encouraged the thrifting gods to come through with some movies.


I could sit there to browse through my new-to-me magazines. I’m not likely to make any of the projects, but at a buck for the whole stack I can definitely get my money’s worth just looking at the pictures.


If the weather gets too warm, I can wear my new Hello Kitty shirt for watching movies.


But I doubt if my other two buys from the fruitful driveways of Salem will interact much with the beauty chair.


Hey, I’m trying something new. This blog is now available as a Kindle subscription on Amazon. For 99 cents a month you’ll get the old boggity-blog automatically and never have to worry about missing a posting again. (I’m just sure that’s been an issue for many. Right.) There’s even a two-week free trial thingie, in case you have buyer’s remorse. And we all know that thrifters CAN have buyer’s remorse about a buck, right? After all, in my world a dollar is equivalent (on good days!) to four cashmere sweaters.

And while we’re indulging in Shameless Self Promotion…if you have an e-reader (Kindle or Nook etc.), you might like to know that my new book, The Dog Prince, is now available on Amazon and Smashwords. With the cover the majority of you liked best (number 5…which was my favorite too). I’m still working on getting the paperback version printed, but that will be done soon as well.

Just sayin’!

(Added a couple of hours later...THANK YOU to whoever ordered the very first copy of The Dog Prince for their Kindle!)


  1. Harriet, the Hot Hair Dryer! :-) I have a friend who collects old barber chairs and he says they are comfy too!

  2. I love the chair! I'm not very creative when it comes to a name. So I'm no help!

    Reagan had her stitches removed and has healed well but she still has to wear the cone due to a food allergy. She has scratched her mouth raw. She is on antibiotics and benadryl. My poor baby.

    Have a good week.

  3. Madge ("Your SOAKING in it!") or Flo (as in air-flow.) Can your husband rig some dolby sound in that helmet?? :)

  4. Depending on how old the dryer chair is, there may be asbestos in the hood. With the ashtray, I suspect your chair dryer hood may be toxic. I would never turn on the hair dryer.

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