Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Another Darned Good Reason to Shop on Driveways!

After I finished Sunday’s blog post, I wandered back into the living room to find that, far from going back to her nap, Zoe had decided to work on a little art project.


Evidently she decided my former Citron Santa Monica pillow cover should be more of an eyelet fabric, and she got carried away.




But this is one of the big reasons I prefer to shop on driveways: I just don’t want to have to worry about my stuff. I’m quite sorry to say goodbye to this piece, it hurts way less than it would if she’d worked her magic on this pillow, or this one, or this. I was able to calmly take the thing away from her. Not worth getting bent over, and the free-box pillow inside is still good, so I can try again.

Meanwhile, I’ve saved my money for better things. Like gas, to make our now-daily trips to the dog park, where the Queen Anne’s lace began blooming last week.


  1. Bad dog! I love shopping on driveways too!

  2. I need to find my tennis balls at the thrift shops as Ryleigh destroys them in a matter of minutes.

  3. oh, I love Queen Anne's Lace! used to grow wild at my grandmother's house....past that season down here....but would you believe I have a volunteer sweet pea starting to grow already?


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