Sunday, July 1, 2012

Running Around

Dang, it’s been a busy weekend! Took the dogs to the beach and made a new Zoë film, went garaging and eavesdropped on a funny conversation, bought a house, fed my niece’s cats…

Wait a minute. Bought a house? Yup. Of course I’m not planning to live in this one.


For no particular reason I’ve been wanting an MCM-ish dollhouse. All the ones I’ve seen have been very expensive – like over a hundred bucks. At a yard sale. Sheesh. This one was marked $10. I very politely asked if that was their best price (after all, you NEVER buy a house without negotiating the price, right?) and secured a 20% discount. And while I’m not sure where I’m going to put it, I like it a lot. Reminds me strongly of the house I live in. After all, they both have a red roof

IMG_5089  spring

spacious master bath with tub and separate shower


desk with computer (the monitor swivels, too cute!)


classy modern sofa (this one was easier to bring home!)

IMG_5102 IMG_3021

an umbrella for the outside table

IMG_5097 IMG_5013

and the car in the carport


is a convertible!


I’m a little envious that the guy who lives here


has an attached sunroom


but on the other hand he only has one foot, and I’ve still got both of mine.

one foot!

We have other things in common though, including a cat


and having more stuff than we really know what to do with.


So I’m back to owning two houses, though when we did that before it entailed two mortgages. I’m awfully glad my current houses are paid for!

Not content with buying a house, I carted home several other items this weekend. I’ve never met a wind chime that I didn’t test the sound of. Plucked this one out of a free box and liked the mellow clatter of the bamboo


and besides, the one-eyed cat needed a new home.


Couldn’t resist these vintage Christmas ornaments, especially the musical cats

IMG_5049 musical cats

which date to the same era as my house.


Wanting always to be practical, I picked up some Murphy’s soap, which I’ve wanted to try, and now I can for less than a buck.


And I was awfully happy to find some sterno to use with my Dansk fondue pot.


Now I can erase it from my shopping list!

wipe board

A lambswool sweater for the hubster


and some candles can also be considered practical.


And only the other day, when we were giving our dogs their pedicures with the doggy nail grinder, I remarked to Steven that I rather wished I had bought a Dremel tool instead, since it can be used for other stuff as well as dog nails. So when I saw a Dremel set at a sale on Saturday, I figured it was a sign from the garage sale gods. It’s the only thing I brought home that Zoë was interested in.


When I opened the box to make sure it runs (it does) I found this set of little screw drivers tucked into the box.


Bet the guy has been wondering for years where those went to. We have the same set down in the toolbox, so now I can have some upstairs too.


Found a sale only a couple of blocks from home, a family that’s moving back to Hawai’i. Their house had an oddity.


The husband’s brother used to rent the house from them, and he decided to do some structural work. No one was quite sure what he had in mind for this door. I was quite chagrined that I couldn’t buy a lovely MCM desk they had, but a) didn’t think I could get it into the back seat of my car; b) couldn’t possibly have gotten it out by myself and into the house (Steven is at the National Storytelling Conference this weekend) and c) really have no place to put it if I could have gotten it into the house. Though it would have made an awfully nice stand for the dollhouse! However, I did take away a couple of items. For the yard I scored this handsome rusty sunflower

IMG_5074 IMG_5075

and to play with I bought this little harp.

IMG_5057 IMG_5059

It’s small but really can be played, unlike some so-called instruments made for kids. Put the Murphy’s soap to use cleaning it (I think you can see in this before-and-after picture how far I’d gotten!)


and the tuning wrench for my hammer dulcimer was just what I needed to tune it, which was badly needed. I keep picking it up and plucking out a tune or two. Fun – and so far the dogs haven’t complained about my skill level.

Speaking of dogs, I did take them to the beach the other day. How much did the Zoester love it? See for yourself.

She’s fast!

Kind of reminds me of a conversation I overheard on a driveway on Friday. The husband was retiring from his woodworking business and selling a bunch of equipment, and a friend was there asking him what he was doing selling that stuff. He said, “I just decided I’d start spending the time I’ve been working for chasing my wife around the house.” His friend nodded and said quite seriously, “Yeah, and she can’t run very fast any more!”


  1. Great finds! Just wanted to stop by and say hello. I may not comment but enjoy your posts. Stay cool!

  2. I love how quickly Zoe can accelerate when she wants to!

  3. Great deal on the soap. I like the sunflower too. I scored two Fiest luncheon plates for $1.99 at my favorite thrift store. Have a good week.

  4. Go Zoe Go!! that is one fast dog!!! bet she was exhausted! haven't had the chance to to take our puppies to the beach yet...John doing heavy duty down at the Park.
    Where were everybody else at the beach??
    Love the house! Would love to have seen the desk that got away! got a cashmere sweater for Hickle at a yard sale on Friday...50 cents!

  5. Wow on the house! We just picked up a fixer from the GW for the grandkids and I loved finding out that it was $175 new. The furniture and extras in yours are fantastic. Also, those Christmas ornaments could inspire an entire decorating color theme. You go Girl!

  6. Oh, that doll house!
    And the rest of this post, equally wonderful.


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