Monday, June 5, 2017

Three Day Weekend

Maybe you think I'm referring to last weekend, the one with a Monday holiday. Nope, I'm talking about this weekend, the one that started with an estate sale on Thursday, continued with full-blown garaging on Friday, and finished with one more sale on Saturday. That’s my idea of a three day weekend!

The Thursday sale was on a century farm east of town, which was a good enough excuse for KK and me to take a ride in the country. The old farm house was chock full of interesting stuff and not very many folks were there looking. Unfortunately, the sale was being run by the local estate sale company that prices things the highest of any I've seen. Some pieces had prices marked, but many didn’t, and the woman running around giving prices was…how shall I put this? Probably the rudest person I have encountered in quite a long time. I recognize that I am not everyone’s cup of tea, but most people I meet manage not to lose their tempers when speaking to me. We had quite an unpleasant exchange, which fortunately will never be repeated, because I will never go to another sale run by that company.


But it caused a bit of a dilemma for me. It is my practice not to buy things from obnoxious people – and there were a couple of things I wanted. But I do think it's okay to buy in that situation if you can convince yourself you are RESCUING the item! Which I was. The things being sold had belonged to people who were witty, humorous and had wide interests (judging by their possessions). Also, another very nice lady was taking money, so I did not have to hand over any cash to Ms. Nasty. I’ve decided whatever commission they got from my purchases went to the crew and not her. So there, nyah nyah nyah.

Now that I've demonstrated my maturity level for you, want to see what I got? Well, the brand-new linen dish towel was a must.

After all, there are relatives of our Millie on it!

And I fell instantly in love with this piece – three blown-glass hens mounted on a pedestal plate. 

Meet Hattie, 


and Nell.

They badly needed some love. Quite a lot of dirt was involved 

but we got them cleaned up. Nell’s hat-feathers got a bit wet, but feathers dry again.

I love them a ridiculous amount. Look how the plate has feather-like lines and dots that match their plumes.

I had already paid for The Girls when I noticed a case with some vintage jewelry, and I fell in love with, well, Santa Claus.

There is no maker’s mark on him but he is so nicely made I think he must have been a pretty pricey piece. See how his pink cheek rhinestones are a different shade from his nose rhinestone?

Best of all, he’s articulated. Santa can mo-o-o-ve!

I think the Yard Sale Gods must have felt bad about the unpleasantness though, because on Friday they went all-out to give us absolutely the nicest set of folks you could ever want to meet on a driveway. KK and I went to about 10 sales, and every single one was fun. Cheerful conversations everywhere we went. We both bought a few things, but it was the niceness we really appreciated!

Didn’t find anything at our first stop, but we learned that the sale was to make money for a family backpacking trip…to Seattle. Two parents, four kids ranging from 8 to 13, and part of the mom’s goal is to teach her kids how to handle money. On Saturday the kids were to have a snack booth at the yard sale to earn their spending money. They are taking the train up, using public transportation, etc. Each kid will carry their own pack so they have to be mindful of what they take. I bet it will be one of the most memorable events of their childhoods.

Our next stop was an older couple with a midcentury modern house and a great view. When I mentioned my MCM house, we found out they used to live a few blocks from me. KK was the one who spotted one of my best finds of the day – a wrought iron stand 

for the glass gazing ball I got a few weeks ago. I love it!

We laughed and chatted our way through South Salem, meeting enjoyable folks at every stop. I may even have picked up a new reader or two, for a couple of ladies promised they would look up my books on Amazon.

Our last stop was a sale that had planned to start late, so they were still setting up when we got there. Another great conversation, and we got to hear all about the crazy neighbor across the street who is addicted to the use of his leaf blower – one pine needle on his grass and he’s out there, blowing it to smithereens. He also has a surveillance camera set up; given the peaceful nature of that neighborhood this is definitely overkill. Which is why he was so thrilled when the ladies had a car stolen from their driveway, and he HAD IT ALL ON FILM! I bet he dined out on that for weeks.

Besides the gazing ball stand, I came home with a pendant to use in some kind of upcycle – maybe a jacket fastener?

These oversize rings are now clipped to a wire hanger in my closet and holding scarves. I may finally have found the perfect system.

Yarn, destined to be socks. A noble destiny!

Some garden tools.

And a great big bag o' fabric scraps from a free pile.

I had a ball going through it Friday night. How often do you get to go through someone else’s scrap bag?

Now if you remember (pages ago) I said this was a three day weekend. Had no intention of garaging on Saturday, but there was one sale right in my neighborhood and it started just about the time I headed home from the dog park. All I found to buy was (I know, I'm out of control) another bunny.

A painted rock bunny.

When I paid for her, I asked if they knew who had painted it. “Oh yes, that was my Aunt Imo,” said the gentleman. He launched into the story of Aunt Imo, his mother’s sister, who evidently would put paint on anything that didn’t move fast enough to avoid it. The two sisters grew up in East Texas on a dairy farm, where they milked the cows every morning before school, and delivered the milk cans on their way to town. During World War 2 they went to Oakland to help build Liberty Ships, and Imo learned the trade of lens grinding there, which became her profession. I heard how she met her husband, who was a salesman of lens-grinding supplies, and how they came to live in Oregon. I love it when something like a painted rock opens up these floodgates of memories.

As I left, we talked for a minute about retirement. He had just retired from his work (hence the many, many long sleeved button front shirts for sale). I told him how much he’s going to love it, based on my own experience, and asked if he had any special plans. His face lit up with his smile, and he said, “I bought a pickup, and a boat. I’m going fishing!”


  1. Hello! I'm new to your blog and absolutely LOVE it! I've been reading older posts and some had me laughing while I teared up reading about your pets. I, too, will be checking you out on Amazon. Can't wait to delve into your books!
    Judy B. from Anaheim, CA

    1. Welcome! And thanks! So happy you found us. Lucky you, living in yard sale heaven. I didn't go garaging in Anaheim too often when I lived in the OC since it was further away from home, but I remember fondly being able to go all year.

      Hope you like the books!

  2. I so enjoy reading about your yard sale adventures. We didn't go to any because we helped my daughter have one. You would have liked us - we talk to everybody. My granddaughter set up her lemonade stand adjacent to the golf course and made almost as much money as we did! Such fun for everyone.

    1. I bet you didn't tell anyone they were grouchy either!

      Good for your granddaughter. Sounds like you're raising her right!

  3. Except for the nasty lady you had some great fun! Love the hens, I mean that is just too cute for words. I love the story of the family earning money for their trip!

    1. I keep walking up to the chickens, just to look at them and smile!

  4. I loved your story today, especially about the bunnie, which is quite cute, I might add!

    We have also attended an estate sale where the prices were pretty outrageous. We were there on the second day, I believe. I remember seeing a black mesh paper basket that I like. I checked the price, and then I turned it over to see the Big Lots price on the bottom, which was lower than the estate sale sellers had placed on it. That irritated me to no end. It still angers me {obviously}! I don't live in an area where there are many opportunities for any sales, but I would consider NOT going to an estate sale held by some company. Or, if I did, I would not be surprised by how they price things.

    We do have several consignment and thrift stores in our area. I just started volunteering at a thrift store that exists to raise funds to help people in my county. I call it my joblet. I'm in charge of the media. It was unorganized, so that's what I'll be doing. There are so many books that are waiting to go out, and I don't have room for them! It will be fun to figure out what to do. I love shopping there, too. Lots of wonderfully nice people! If there weren't, I wouldn't be working there!!!

    I'm glad you had a three-day weekend! {But, I'm sorry about the unfortunate shrew you encountered. Don't people understand that you get what you give? Hrmph!!!}

    1. I have to admit it was really satisfying when I was looking at ads on Craigslist Saturday morning. The Shrew had put in a fresh ad that said they still had lots of inventory at the sale. Well, gee, ya think?

      Your joblet sounds really least to an old librarian who loves organizing books and media!

  5. Thanks for confirming your maturity level. I practically laughed out loud!

    1. You had probably already suspected that my inner five-year-old is not far from the surface!

  6. Sounds like a lovely weekend ( other than the cranky pants at the first overpriced sale, but we shouldn't let the likes of her ruin things should we?). I love the little painted bunny as well as the story you got along with it.

  7. I went to an estate sale while I was visiting my son in Philly. It was in a lovely old row house that had a basement chock full of great furniture.. My son was looking for a dining room table and they had the perfect one. It was 30 minutes before the sale ended and they wouldn't come down a CENT! I also asked about an old clock that was WAY overpriced. I asked if they'd take 50%. "No, This is a high class estate sale." (Is there a jaw-drop emoji?) Well, Good Luck With that!


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