Sunday, May 14, 2017

If There Were No Gifts, There Would Be No Garage Sales

Don’t get me wrong, I have nothing against gifts. A thoughtful and unexpected gift is a delight.

I do struggle with enforced gift-giving occasions though, because they lead to ads like this one in our local Craigslist last Friday. I give it to you in its entirety, leaving out only the company name and address. I hope their moms enjoy whatever gifts they received!


Ryobi walk behind Tiller
radial arm saw
hand planers
hand tools
chop saws
fishing reels
muzzle loading tools 
vintage leather gun holsters
vintage metal toys
shovels, ax, splitter maul
levels, contracting gear 
chainsaw (2)
metal toolboxes 
planters, garden equip timers
air compressor 
pressure washer Troy built 
seed spreader 
brunswick pool table
chains, host puller, pulleys
electric, gas weed eater
vintage metal lawn chair
red wagon, kids toys
red Skelton oil painting and plate
lenox collection 
ceramic lights antique 
mirrored cabinet antique
leafed table over 75 years old
nordic track treadmill
fine linens
(3) modern bar stools
Barbie vintage with house x 7 
Oil lamps 
African decor including a collection of beautiful elephants and wildlife
two beautiful microfiber chairs 
old lamps beautiful art deco
record player and over 300 records  
cds, dvds 
speaker system Harmon kardon AVR 120
Breyer horse collection
Red Skelton sculpture collection
Rock Old jukebox converted into liquor cabinet
various antique and vintage trunks and hope chests
Lord of the Rings collection 
Harry Potter books 
antique old old books.   Some valuables
pflatzgraff collection in great condition 
berry Christmas dishes set 
three bookshelves 
room divider 
(3) headboards and bed frames 
dresser tall one 

Lucky, lucky moms – after you plow the south forty with a walk-behind tiller and catch dinner with that fishing reel having cleared the river bank with your chop saws and ax and maul then maybe, just maybe, you can spend a few minutes in your microfiber chair playing with a Breyer horse.

Won’t that be fun?


  1. I always like an ad with some humor....just makes you want to go to that sale. so, did you go?

    1. Nope, didn't make it to that one! It was too far in the opposite direction of the others we went to, and didn't sound like anything I needed. Not being a mom, or needing to till anything!

  2. Replies
    1. I wonder if the estate sale guys took any flak for the mother's day thing.


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