Monday, November 2, 2015

The Egg and I

The scene: family-run estate sale in a cute little house, originally built in 1946. Just a little two-bedroom place with knotty pine panelling and a knotty pine kitchen. Absolutely adorable. As kids came along, they added to the house, so now it’s a bit of a maze. Everyone was exclaiming over what today would be a so-called ‘man cave’ – the former back porch with the knotty pine walls and the cool built-in bar at one end. The bar had diamond-shaped panes set into it with thin slices of interesting rocks for light to shine through. (Sorry, didn't have my camera with me!) Those of you who appreciate vintage houses will be happy to know that the new owners bought it because they love all the knotty pine and will NOT be ripping it out.

The players: several brothers and sisters who grew up in the little house (folks about my age) and KK and me.

Until we reached the back yard, KK and I were just enjoying seeing inside the place. The yard was quite large and had clearly been a beloved space. By the back fence, a guy was digging up the supports to a windmill about 8 feet tall that he’d just bought. And KK noticed a very large cement birdbath on a pedestal. Marked $12. Something like this one.

These puppies are over a hundred bucks at places like Home Depot. Twelve was a steal. She went off to pay for it and find someone to help put it in the car.

Meanwhile, I noticed another yard ornament sitting near the house. A large glazed egg, about 18” tall. Dark brown. Just an ornamental egg, not a fountain or anything, but I liked it. I think the egg is about the most perfect shape there is. Soothing.

But there was no price tag. I headed inside and spotted a lady. “Are you shopping or working the sale?” I asked. “Working,” she said. “What can I help with?” I asked about a price for the egg thingie. She looked puzzled. “Egg thingie?” I led her out to the yard and pointed. “Egg thingie.” “Ohhhh,” she laughed, “the egg thingie. Marylou!” she called to another lady just inside. “How much is the egg thingie?”

“Egg thingie?” said Marylou. “Ohhhh, the egg thingie. Four bucks.” Hmmm. For four bucks I figured the egg thingie warranted a closer look. It was in perfect condition and I said I’d take it. The first lady carried it out to the garage for me while I looked around a little more. Nothing else caught my eye, so off to the garage I went.

When it was my turn to pay I started to say, “I’m just getting the e—” “Oh yeah, the egg thingie,” said the cashier. Either the entire family had always called it the egg thingie, or I had an immediate influence on them. I’ll never know. “Yup, that egg thingie,” I said. “Though I have no idea what my husband will say when he sees I’ve brought home a very large egg.” She didn’t miss a beat. “Tell him it was forced on you by a very large bird.”

I passed over four ones and picked up my egg. KK had backed her car into the driveway to take delivery on the birdbath and appeared around the corner of the house with one of the gents of the family, carrying the bowl. “I may have to take you home with me or I’ll never get it out of the car,” she told him.

He nodded. “And I might just stay.” There was a masterfully timed pause, then he asked, “Can you cook?”

We were still chuckling over that when she delivered me and the egg at my house. I carried it in. “It’s an egg thingie for the yard,” I told Steven. “I’m supposed to tell you it was forced on my by a very large bird.”

And for the zillionth time in the past 40+ years he completely surprised me. He not only loved the egg thingie, he wants to use it at decor in the house!

An Egg ThingieEgg Thingie photobomb


  1. Don't you just love it when that happens?

  2. I love the picture with the dog like he is saying " where is the bird that laid that?"

  3. So glad that I am not the only woman in the world who feels surprised over and over again by the man I have shared my life with for decades. Is it because we don't know them well? Do they continue to change in ways that we don't notice? Perhaps we should expect to be surprised all the time? Who knows, but it does make life interesting.

  4. Ha! Love the egg-thingie! Looks like the pup does, too - so it's a win all around! :-)

    1. I'm not sure Zoe loves the egg as much as I do, but she never lets an opportunity to get in the way slip by!


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