Monday, September 14, 2015

Where Does It All Come From?

Huge sale, the Craigslist ad promised. Something about the address seemed familiar, but it wasn’t on my do-not-return list (yes, I keep a list of addresses where they have lame repeat sales). Judy and I headed out, planning to meet KK there since she could only garage for an hour on Friday.

Sure enough, we recognized the venue as soon as we reached the driveway. House set back from the road on several acres, tables set up on the drive and inside the nearby barn. The only thing that kept me from groaning aloud was that I usually find one thing at these people’s sales. It was not this hat.


Last time I scored an item from the free box.

knitted flamingo

This time, it was a party dress for Zoe.

party collar

Black velvet and diamonds (of a sort!). Just what every girl needs for retrieving a ball over and over (which is Zoe’s idea of a fun party).

Zoe's party dress

I can’t quite figure this place out. I checked my spreadsheet, and their last sale was the first weekend in June, only a few months ago. Do they just keep the leftovers for the next sale? Is it some group that supports itself with sales? If I go to another I may have to ask.

Our next stop was an estate sale, and OMG, I think there may have been more stuff in this little house than in that big barn. This is what we didn’t buy here.

old gas stove

How scary is that thing? A young woman was looking at it, and told me they’ve just bought an old farmhouse with a combination wood and gas stove, something along these lines. “I have no idea what I’ve gotten myself into,” she confessed.

I found many plastic trash bags full of folded clothing in the bedroom and looked through a few. There are not enough days on the calendar to wear all the clothes this lady had. Another shopper was looking in the closet and hung a shirt on the closet door. I asked if she had found something good, and she shook her head. “It’s so full I can’t squeeze it back in!” I saw she was right when I checked the closet, but I got lucky – the one piece I pulled out was one I wanted to keep. A vintage Pendleton jacket…in my size!

Pendleton jacket

This is the style of the very first pieces Pendleton produced especially for women, back in 1949. They made reproductions a few years ago, but now those are discontinued as well. I think the retail price of the ‘Nouveau’ version was about $150. Mine dates from I’m guessing late 50s/early 60s and cost $1. I win.

I’m not crazy about leather buttons,

leather button

so I went looking in my button stash for replacements. Candidates included gray shell,   shell button

gray embossed or textured

gray buttontextured button

brown incised,

incised button

and carved wood.

wood button

But the winning candidate is three dimensional green glass!

green glass buttonglass button

KK went on her way after that, and Judy and I continued garaging. Too bad KK couldn’t go to one more, because the next place had the funnest atmosphere and best free box ever. We both ended up with free bars of Zote soap


and I also came away with a beautiful merino sweater

merino sweater

which has an owie, but I’ll be refashioning it some way so no biggie.


And I could hardly believe it when the plaid throw I picked up from the free stuff turned out to be a Pendleton!

Pendleton throw

It has a little chunk missing from one corner. Gave it a bath, dried in the sun, and Mrs. Wilberforce thinks it’s just right for an elderly cat’s nap.

Mrs. Wilberforce

After such a prize from the free box, I was glad to be able to actually spend a few bucks there. When I saw her four dachshunds, I mentioned that our friends have two, and she said then you need to see the dachshund planter I’m selling. It is fabulous! A three-dog base,

dachshund planter base

topped with a two-dog holder and a planter with holes in the bottom.

dachshund planter

Looks great with a feathery grass

planter planted

or as a centerpiece with mint.

table planter

Sitting in the sun on our glass-topped table, it threw interesting reflection-shadows on the eaves.

Shadows on the eaves

So – Tootsie and Sophie, please tell your folks they must bring you for a visit. There’s a planter ready for your patio, as well as a couple of tiny doxies (also from the free box).

china dachshunds

Come soon before I get too attached!


  1. I vote for the incised buttons. They are perfect for Pendleton lumberjackiness.
    The throw, great!
    The dachshunds plant stand, winner!

    1. I think I may change out the buttons from time to time. Just because I can!

  2. Love the planter! Will be there ASAP!

  3. I agree, Mrs. Wilberforce, that is a VERY nice throw!


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