Sunday, September 6, 2015

Conversation Piece

I spent a few days this week in a cute little cabin near the Columbia River Gorge

Cute cabin

arriving home on Friday well after garaging had ended for the day. Judy and KK went without me and had a very good time (I know, how is that even possible?!). However, I have it on good authority that they have a new appreciation of my mapping skills, since I’m always the one who works out our garaging route ahead of time.

Luckily, our sport happens on Saturday too, and KK and I had our usual fun morning. Our first stop was a sale where they’ve just combined two households. I picked up a couple of linen pieces to upcycle (lavender shirt, bright red dress – they’re in the laundry so missed their photo op) as well as this fun carafe


which seems to be hand blown and cost but fifty cents.

As we were looking around, a couple came walking up and it was my friends Robin and Ken. They live nearby and were walking to breakfast and of course planned their route to take in some sales. Ken does a bit of reselling, with air conditioners and camping equipment being among his specialties, and sure enough he scored both at this sale. But I have to tell you, my respect for the guy really jumped when I got this email from Robin later in the day:

“…on the way back stopped at a sale where Ken picked up a manual mower for $5 and pushed it all the way home (about a mile). Just sold it for $29.”

I love it. The guy who sold Ken the mower was no doubt thrilled to get rid of it, and whoever bought it from him was equally thrilled by their good deal. Win-win-win!

We met some nice pets. Beau the black lab was every bit as friendly as the last time I saw him at a previous sale. He thought he’d like to go for a ride with us when we left, but quickly got over his disappointment by greeting new shoppers. Chloe the cat was just about as friendly.

Chloe the Cat

Apparently they had been fielding offers for her lovely self all morning, but as the guy said, “My daughter would KILL me if I sold her cat!”

Besides the carafe, I brought home a clip-on desk light, just right for lighting up the plants in one of my bullet planters.

Bullet lamp          

Also found a felting kit.

felting kit

It’s been opened but never used (no doubt it was a gift). Felting is one of those things I’ve wanted to try, but it’s probably not something I’ll take up in any serious way. I like to dabble, but hate to spend a lot on the equipment.

felting needles

Fifty cents for the roving and needles was just right.

My last fifty cents went for an object of sheer curiosity. I cannot even tell you what it’s called.

Mystery object 1

It had belonged to their grandma, who they said liked to try out all kinds of alternative medicines. They thought this had something to do with magnetic healing. The two little spiked metal balls

Mystery object 4

do seem to be magnetic. When you turn the handle, the plexiglass disk makes them spin around.

Mystery object 2

I tried to get an image match via Google but no luck. Anybody have any ideas?? I’d hate to magnetize the wrong part of my bod!

Ah well. For two quarters I got to bring home the very definition of a Conversation Piece. And it’s in perfect condition!

Mystery object 3


  1. Now you have our curiosity piqued!!
    Make sure to keep us updated if you figure out what it is!!

  2. It looks like a Nikken Magboy therapy wand, maybe this model was discontinued? There is something that looks similar on e b a y right now.

    1. OMG, you've solved it! The lady I got it from told me the name of the site her mother probably got it from, but of course I didn't write it down and it immediately slipped away. Pretty sure it was Nikken. Wow, maybe this will cure my aches and pains from knitting! Thanks so much.

  3. Yep - Nikken. My Grandmother was a walking refrigerator she had so many magnet devices strapped to her. She sat on magnets, slept on magnet,s had them on her wrists, back, neck and everywhere. We found Nikken stuff in her house everywhere. Pricey stuff too!

  4. Now that your Conversation Piece has a name, I have just one comment: LOVE the carafe!!!

    1. Me too. It has turned out to be the best iced tea pitcher ever!


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