Saturday, April 23, 2011

Singin’ the Blues!

All right, everyone sing. All together now…

I got them blues,

I got them low down blues.

I got them low down, holiday weekend, no yard sales worth mentioning and those that were there had only piles of tatty clothing and worn out kids’ toys and not even a cat or a dog anywhere to be seen blues…

I was offered free coffee and waffles at my first stop. Which was a nice gesture but I don’t drink coffee, and (I blush to admit) I’m a waffle snob. I only eat really good ones – and they have to be spelled correctly.

Not ‘waffel.’

I know, I know, how petty! But misspelled signs are like fingernails on the blackboard for me. And we won’t get started about the misuse of apostrophes.

I did buy one item, a decorative (IMHO!) metal panel that I’m thinking might be fun in the yard. My husband is off giving a workshop today, so we have not yet had the “but where are you going to put it?” conversation. Among some plants, perhaps at the back of a bed?


Or maybe hung on a blank piece of wall? I think the colors go well with our house.


Each square is raised an inch or so from the frame, and the designs are embossed and painted. I saw some similar pieces in a store recently and thought they’d be fun outdoors. But I left them in the store because the price tag was nowhere near the two bucks I paid for this!

So that was my big morning out. Even with buying gas – ouch – and groceries (at three different stores!) and bird seed I was home by 10:30. Plenty of time left in the day to go water some pots. Including the one I put my Aztec lily bulbs in just two weeks ago. Look – one of them is getting ready to bloom!


Just in time for the garden tour next Saturday. Wish us luck and a sunny day on the 30th!


  1. I have seen that screen/art thing at a home store, and I think you got it even way below wholesale! Yard is a good place for that so it can "patina" and perhaps add a bit of minerals to the soil? 20 yr old baby asked if he could just have the people out of the Lego bin I took home....told him, sorry charlie! then he graciously lent me his "Lego separator;" yes, there is a special tool that he spent money for to gently pry the blocks apart ....and it works great!

  2. Love the panel you found! I bought a glass bird for $1 and that's it. Slow holiday weekend! hugs, Linda

  3. Cute panel. That will look cool in your garden.

    It was a cool and rainy morning here on Saturday with only one yard sale. However, there were some quality items there and I picked a few up. Even found a gift for my MIL - new and in the box - and something she will love. Sometimes if the only yard sale is a good one, it makes up for the lack of others.

  4. My parents have one of those decorative panels at home.

    They use it as a backsplash by placing it on top of the top of the stove.

  5. I am a "waffel" snob as well. it just has to be.

    love your blues song. it has merit.

    yes, that piece of wall real estate is perfect for that grid. lovely! a garage sale?

  6. That panel is really pretty great to be out in the garden. I am your newest follower~ Stop by and say hi sometime! oxox, Diane

  7. I love the panel. I think it would look great against a wall- I liked the way it looks against the wall in your pictures. Maybe with pots of lower plants or herbs in front of it, but not covering.

  8. I really like it up on the wall of your house. It is very complimentary. Hopefully this weekend is better for the sales. Good Luck!


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