Sunday, April 3, 2011

Fair Trades

My car sat outside for a couple of nights while other stuff was in the garage, and I noticed a haze of pollen settled on it when I started out Saturday morning. Evidently it looks its most alluring that way, because it seemed like at least half the sales I stopped at, the people like my car. In fact one older lady said hopefully, as I approached her sale, “You’ve come to trade your car for something!”

Well, no. I did end up trading a couple of quarters for these cute handmade pins though.

 IMG_0304 IMG_0306 IMG_0307

Went through a biggish neighborhood sale, one of those tracts that twists and turns, and you’re never quite sure you’ve been through the whole thing…or if you’ve already been to a particular sale or not. I always get embarrassed when I show up at the same place more than once, which is awfully easy to do when the houses all look alike and the sales don’t have any stand out item. Like the inflatable boat on this driveway.


These two gents pulled up as I was talking to the lady having the sale, and called out to ask the price. They must have liked what they heard, because they parked and got out for a closer inspection. “You need that boat,” I told them, then amended it. “No – you really want that boat!” They laughed and agreed I’d gotten it right that time.

Pets were few this week. Met an ancient Golden retriever who is helping this 8 month old “goldendoodle” learn the ropes.


And Roxy the cat

IMG_0290 IMG_0291

has recently taken to climbing on her owner’s shoulders to watch TV with him.

My big score of the day was a fresh stock of door prizes for my children’s librarians. At our last meeting I just about wiped out my stash, so I was glad to be given 17 Bee Happy magnets for free.


Okay, they look better from a slight distance; macro photography is not always flattering! And for two bucks I came home with a bunch o’ hand puppets…swimmy things


and buggy things


and bird things.


I especially like this hedgehog, which can roll into a ball


or come out to play.


At the same sale with the hedgehog, I picked up a queen size dust ruffle for a bed


and a summer-weight black cotton skirt.


I’m fascinated by the skirt’s construction. It has eight half-circle gores set in, making it very twirly.

Must have been in a twirly mood, because I could not resist this Gearation toy.


The battery is dead, but you can just turn gears and it does stuff. The board is a magnet so you can stick the gears wherever you want them.

I admit it, I’m easily amused. I may give this away…or I may not!

I was eavesdropping when an older lady asked the price of something, but when the seller said, “How about if I trade it for your sweatshirt?” I had to see what she was wearing. Yup. I’d want to trade for this one too. But not my car!



  1. Love the gear thingy!!
    I went by an estate sale that had a khyack (why won't spell check fix that??) for $100
    got a really pretty landscape painting done by previous resident of a mountain creek and some trees....I love amateur art, every once in a while there is one that is really good to look at! but have to find a new frame, the old one with velvet border does not really work for me!

  2. You at least got out and about. I'm here in the house hiding form the pollen. I've been sick all week...ugh! Finally feeling better! Love the hedgehog!

  3. Great finds! I know exactly what you are talking about with the community yard sales. I hate it when I turn down a strret thinking I'm going to get out but it ends up to be a cul de sac!


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