Thursday, August 24, 2017

One of a Kind

So there I am, sorting through a box of vintage linens. Hand towels, pillowcases, small tablecloths. You know the kind of box I'm talking about. I pick up a piece of pink linen, probably from the Fifties but still clean and starched and pressed. Obviously something that was never used (as is often the case with vintage linens).

I turn it over to see if it's decorated, expecting embroidery or pulled threads. This is what I see.

“Um, Bob,” I say to my friend on the other side of the table looking at books, “does this look like, um, boxing bunnies to you?”

He chuckles, as does the guy next to him. “Yup, boxing bunnies,” he agrees.

Oh. My. God. Boxing bunny rabbits appliqued with great skill 

on pink linen, with embroidered details.

Including red eyes.

And a boxing ring.

I am stunned.

This is why we go out week after week, isn’t it? Because somewhere out there in a box on a driveway are inexplicable hand towels.

A minute later, the guy who was on the other side of the table near Bob sidles up beside me.

“Say, is that part of a set? Are there any more boxing bunnies?” he wants to know.
I grin. “Sorry, there’s only one.”


  1. That is one strange tea towel......I had no idea you were a writer....I might you start reading your books!

    Take care


    1. Strange indeed!

      Hope you will try my books. They're actually pretty good!

    2. I have read everyone of her books. They are fun enjoyable read.

    3. Wow, did you ever make my day! Thanks!

  2. Adorable boxing bunnies! I love vintage linen art. Nice "only one" find.

    1. If I ever hear of another one like it, it would be like finding a long-lost Picasso in the attic.

  3. Perfection in a few square inches.

  4. Fascinating and peculiar all at the same time!

    1. I wonder if it commemorated some boxing event...but with bunnies? on PINK linen???


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