Monday, February 27, 2017

Vote Today! And Tomorrow!

As some of you may know, my friend KK who shops on driveways with me is an artist. She has a terrific piece entered in an online contest, with votes being taken between now & this Sunday, March 5. So if you have a couple of minutes, take a look and vote for Orange Boy!

You can vote once a day (please do!) on all your devices. So for instance, I can vote every day three times: once from my desktop computer, once from my Kindle, and once from the hubster's machine. As the old saying goes, vote early, vote often!

Click here and scroll down to see Orange Boy and click vote. After you vote, a box will come up wanting you to sign up for their newsletter but you don't have to do that, just click it away at the bottom. Of course after you vote for OB feel free to look at the other entries! 😺

Thanks for your help!


  1. Those are all great pictures.

  2. Wow, she is a really good artist. Good luck to KK.

  3. There's so much talent! Voted for orange boy. We have two orange boys at our house!

  4. I have voted for orange boy. I am always partial to artwork that contains either a cat or a dog :-)
    A lovely piece!


I really love your comments. Thanks for coming along on my thrifty adventures!

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