Tuesday, August 23, 2016

Home Again, Home Again, Jiggety Jog

Our trip to New Mexico and beyond was fabulous! Met lots of nice people (some with two feet, some with four)

saw amazing scenery,

and thoroughly enjoyed all the eye candy in Santa Fe – art of all kinds, 

jewelry, even clothing. I absolutely fell in love with this shirt decorated with poppies.

It’s only $1140 (not a typo – eleven hundred forty!). What do you think, should I have bought it for a souvenir? That’s almost as much as we paid to do the entire trip!

I made several new friends.

Hmmm, I wonder if I have some frog DNA...
One of the highlights of our time in southern Utah was an off-road tour via Jeep to a slot canyon. We could hardly believe the beauty and stillness.

We saw faces in the rocks everywhere we went.
We got back to Marcia’s home with enough time to do some laundry and repack. Saturday morning we headed toward the airport in plenty of time to get in some garaging back in my old stomping grounds. I had to be really restrained since I was a thousand miles from home and my suitcase was stuffed. But I managed to fit in a pair of earrings 

and three gauzy rayon jackets from the 80s. If I hadn’t known they were vintage by the labels I might have thought they were new, since this style is currently popular again. One of them even has poppies! 

At two dollars each, these are probably a better souvenir than the shirt in Santa Fe…and I won't be afraid to wear them!

While I was away, KK had a good day at the Goodwill bins. She presented me with this shirt when we had breakfast Monday morning. (All the ladies around us in the restaurant wanted it!)

Kind of reminds me of someone.

When I figure out how i want to reuse the fabric, I’ll have to embroider Millie’s mustache on one of the faces.

Speaking of Millie, she is starting college on Wednesday. I told you she was smart, yes? Four months old and in college already! (Actually, she’s participating in this research project.) I just hope she doesn’t go bragging about it to Zoë. It might hurt Zozo’s feelings to know that she had to start in puppy kindergarten and Millie is going to straight to the university!


  1. Wow! The kitten classes look great. Millie is a lucky girl!

  2. I have a similar shirt with kittens, but they are gray and not black. They remind me of our own cat!
    Me and my husband have lived in Flórida and Califórnia, but have never been to New Mexico. It's beautiful!

  3. Santa-Fe looks breathtaking. Definitely on my bucket list. Plus, what could make a holiday better than a few thrifting finds along the way. The poppy jacket is stunning! The cat fabric is adorable. If it is destined for re-use and is heavy enough it would make an adorable tote bag.

    1. I was actually thinking tote bag. Great minds!

  4. Looks like a marvelous trip! And you scored once again with the poppy jacket & kitty top! Oh Queen of Fifty Cents, you are my hero!

    1. Yeah, well, I've always envied your silky hair! You'll have a great time on your fall trip to the same area. Maybe I could stow away in the RV...

  5. Your Poppy top is nicer than the much more expensive one. Thrift wins again!

    PS I vote for a Millie vest out of the cute kitty top.


I really love your comments. Thanks for coming along on my thrifty adventures!

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