Monday, October 5, 2015

Just the Cute Stuff

Perhaps because it’s the end of the garaging season (though that won’t stop us from going to estate sales all winter!) I’ve been feeling like I can loosen up a bit. Or maybe the good stuff does come at the last. Whatever the reason, seems like the last couple of weekends I’ve been drawn to the whimsical and cute. Even the beautiful. And spent more than I think I have all year.

Last week’s vintage hat with its feather and little veil for instance. I sometimes think it’s such a pity that hats are worn so rarely now. I have no idea where to wear such a treasure. Sigh. But at least I can admire it.

I did bring home some practical items. A couple of nice shirts for the hubster, one linen, one silk, a buck each. Score. Half a dozen jazz CDs, four DVDs – what could be more practical than cheap entertainment? A letter opener with an enameled handle, a nice wine glass, fifty cents each.

wine glass

We’ve reminded each other all summer of our “no projects, no décor” rule. If you’re a regular garager this simple rule can save you much buyer’s remorse. But I pretty much ignored it this weekend and so far am suffering no remorse at all!

This laminated bamboo block was intended for holding signs. The folks having that sale used to have a bamboo furniture store (and still have a cool midcentury house).

Bamboo stand

The hubs and I took one look and knew it would be perfect to display the album cover of whatever is on the stereo.

Bamboo album stand

The nice couple who have an annual sale (last year two guys started fighting over something on their driveway) with incredible prices provided a handleless Starbucks mug and two cute little cups (bet they’ll get used for individual servings of condiments!) – for a dime each.

ten cent cups

This vintage runner or dresser scarf is currently undergoing an oxy soak to hopefully remove its mildew spots.

vintage runner

But for fifty cents, I had to grab it, because it’s so unusual. The large motifs are not embroidered – they were crocheted and meticulously appliquéd onto the piece.

crocheted motifs

Our last stop on Friday not only was in my neighborhood – it was on my street halfway between Judy’s house and mine! An estate sale. As soon as I walked in the door I spotted three wooden jumping jacks hung on a wall…and one of them was Mother Goose wooden mother goose riding her cute little goose

Mother Goose jumping jack

with its cute little tail feathers!

Mother Goose rides

I couldn’t resist that, could I? Heck no. I saw a few other things I liked, but not the prices. But Saturday was half price day, so we headed back down the street to take another look. I had been thinking all night about a framed calligraphy, which is a sure sign I really do want something. I was sad when it wasn’t where I had left it on Friday, but luck was with me – it was in another room.

Sandy Diamond calligraphy

The saying rang so true, and the calligraphy is fabulous.


Evidently it’s an original, not a print. The calligrapher’s signature in pencil is quite illegible (I suspect as a humorous touch)


but a little research led me to Sandy Diamond (I was pretty sure the first name was Sandy) who is also a painter and playwright. If you like it, there’s another for sale on eBay right now…but it’s priced at over $200.

Having secured my calligraphy, I started looking around for other good stuff that would be half price. First was the framed Danish mirror that I knew KK was interested in – still there, so I gave her a  call and she rushed down to get it, postponing their weekend trip to the coast. In the room with the gloves and scarves, I chose this handwoven piece from Ireland.

Donegal scarf

Donegal labelUnbelievably scrumptious yarn. Of course, both Judy and I had been jealous when KK scooped the 100% cashmere scarf out of the box the day before!

Down in the family room where Christmas items were displayed, I found this pair of House of Hatten ornaments by Denise Calla. Too spendy on Friday, not bad on Saturday. There’s a ‘Santa elf’

Hatten Santa elf

House of Hatten elf

(have you ever tried to hold a dangling ornament with one hand while taking photos with your other hand? it’s hard!!)

and the milkmaid from the Twelve Days of Christmas.

Hatten milkmaid

I love the painted details. Though I have to question her wearing such finery for milking!

Milkmaid faceMilkmaid details

I found one more treasure that I hadn’t noticed on Friday, a handmade piece by a local artist.

Else Holm ornament

A beaded felt tree about 3” tall. Oh my goodness, the work that Else put into this.

Beaded felt tree

It’s just the right size to turn my tiny tin ten-cent house into a holiday display.

Beaded Christmas treeAnd those holidays…they’re just around the corner, aren’t they? 


  1. I love the dresser scarf. Hope the stains come out!

    1. I'm taking it out of the oxy soak today. Fingers crossed!

  2. I love reading about your yard sale finds. Sure hope there are lots of estate sales in your area this winter so that we continue to hear from you.

    1. I hope so too! Won't know what to do with myself otherwise!

  3. Mother Goose is just too cute! So is the little tree. I totally agree about cheap entertainment. You cannot beat yard sales for that. I am planning a weird movie festival at home in a couple of weeks, featuring garage sale finds.

    1. Too bad we live so far apart, your movie fest sounds great. And I could definitely contribute some weird movies!

  4. Luckily I have a head for hats so I wear them a lot in autumn and winter. Especially like the scarf. What beautiful colours. x

    1. You are lucky, hats are so cool. My head is actually too large for most hats to fit, so I'm extra thrilled to find one that works. Though I'm still looking for places to wear vintage hats with feathers!

  5. I have an idea for you wearing your cool hat. This Friday evening, (10/9/2015), the Willamette History Center is having a 'Fab Forties Gala' fundraiser for their Interpreter program. It's on their website!

    1. Well shoot, we've got tickets for a concert on Friday! Maybe next year!

  6. The tree is so precious, I wouldn't jumped on it for sure!

    1. That cute tree is going to help motivate me to decorate for the holidays this year!

  7. Great finds. I like the stand and your hubby's idea on how to use it.


I really love your comments. Thanks for coming along on my thrifty adventures!

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