Tuesday, June 9, 2015

The Imminent Demise of Pie

“Here you go, this is just what you need!” the man said to his wife.

I looked up. That’s a statement that can go so many ways. Could be a gag, or sarcasm, but in this case was sincere. He thought she needed it: a pie divider. “For your pies,” he added.

“Mmmm, pie,” I said. “Let me know what time it’s ready!”

“She makes great pie,” he assured me. “You know, people just don’t make pie anymore.” Well, I said modestly, I myself do bake pies. Not sure he heard. “Nobody bakes or cooks. People our kids’ age have no idea how to make pie.”

This struck me as a bit of a sweeping generalization. I see enough food blogs to convince me that at least a few people still cook (besides me and his wife). “Sometimes these things skip a generation,” I offered. “Maybe your grandkids will make pie.” “No! They won’t even know what real pie is!”

So now we know: pie is going to disappear from America in the next generation. Dang. But we’ll still be having it at our house; stop by for a piece one of these days. Though you should know in advance that the pieces won’t be precisely equal, because those other people got the ten-cent pie divider at the yard sale.

This yard sale, in fact.

clutter be gone

Judy and KK and I had a great Friday morning. Our first stop was here in the ‘hood, at the house where Judy paid for her own sweater last year. Judy replenished her wardrobe again, and I found some pieces for upcycling, including Irish linen

Irish linen

and some cotton pieces to combine.


(I’ll show you a couple of completed upcycles below.) As we were about to leave, KK spotted an item laying on a table and we all paused, trying to figure out what it was for. “It’s a hat,” I said authoritatively. (Yes of course I make things up. I’m a writer, it’s what we do!)

I tell you, I have the most fabulous friends. She immediately donned it, and by gosh it sure looked like a hat.

Improvised hat

I think she looks like a high-ranking official from one of the Star Wars movies. The 9 year old girl helping with the sale piped up, “It’s for a baby’s car seat.” Some sort of head bumper thingie. They gave it to KK who has a new grandchild coming and can use it for the car seat. But I still think it made a great hat.

There was no doubt about this being a hat. Doesn’t it look lovely with the coordinating clothes brushes?


At another sale there were a bunch of boxes waiting to be unloaded. They had priced everything for their sale and then packed it all away until the sale day. I asked the young woman unpacking things onto an already-crowded table if she minded me looking through some of the boxes. “Go right ahead!” she invited, and before I knew it we had the boxes spread out and several folks were finding items. I scored some summer socks

kitty sockssock kitties

an old favorite book

Mrs. Pollifaxa couple of hand towels

toweltowel detailEngelbreit towel

a Vera Bradley bag

Vera bagVera fabrics

and (my fave) a cute license-plate purse.

license plate pursepurse fastenerpurse inside

Plus this crocheted tablecloth, intended for upcycling into some kind of garment.

crochet tablecloth

Though it’s not bad as a tablecloth


or for the cat to make himself comfy on.

Noll on tablecloth

Even the free boxes did not disappoint, yielding a wall sconce

free sconce 

and a hand-knitted flamingo. Don’t find these babies every day!

knitted flamingo

I find the legs irresistible, with the knot-knees and shaped feet.

knitted legs

Okay, the upcycling. Still having a ball with remaking things. The latest is a couple of pieces for my SIL. She wears down vests during the winter, which gave me the idea of a summer vest. So I took the sleeves off a couple of short jackets         jacket beforeused them as side panels, et voilà!

Upcycled jacket frontUpcycled jacket back

This looks like printed fabric, but it’s actually embroidered on a linen background.

Upcycle vest frontUpcycle vest back

Cute vests!


  1. Hi, I just found your blog last week, quite by accident. I am working my way back through your archives and I am now in 2010! Love your blog and your doggie pictures. My daughter just bought a mid-century ranch here in Illinois and she, too, wants to decorate to the period. I will be sending her your link.

    1. Welcome aboard! Tell your daughter I'd love to see pics of her house - and good hunting!

  2. You have the best luck at gs. Just this past week I picked up Mrs. Pollifax and the Whirling Dervish. I like reading Mts. P books. She's so adventurous where I am so not.

  3. Could you please do a few more photos of the jacket modifications? Maybe a tutorial? Thank you!

    1. Let me think about how to do this. Didn't take pictures as I went. Basically, take off the sleeve, trim it to the size you need, open the side seam and sew!

  4. Guess my comment from yesterday floated off somewhere.

    Anyway, K & I also went to the estate sale with the "clutter" and I also got a giggle when I saw the "Cut the Clutter" book. Guess it didn't work as I purchased some storage drawers with the labels for 50 cents each. K got a nice air bed for not too much.

  5. Thanks for sharing your up-cycling! Would love to see more. That embroidery is wonderful!

    1. I'll be posting more from time to time. I want everyone to jump in and start combining clothes, it's really fun.


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