Tuesday, June 24, 2014

Goodbye, Martini, Goodbye

Yes, this weekend’s recurring item for sale was martini glasses. I saw them everywhere. Evidently some message went out (perhaps on the evening news; I don’t do news) that no one needs martini glasses any more. There were plain ones and painted ones and ones with twisted or bent stems.

I didn’t buy any. I’ve had one martini in my life (not much of a drinker!) and it was fine but no need for more. After a while I started commenting on all the martini glasses and one lady explained to me that now everyone drinks whiskey.

Friday’s garaging was a tad subdued because of the weather. Cool and damp and looked like it would rain any minute, which probably accounts for the subdued number of sales. Picked up a pair of jeans (they fit! Woo hoo, jeans for a buck!) and a very nice turtleneck for next winter (it fits! Woo hoo!)

turtleneckblack jeans

but the big thrill (you ladies will get this) was the two new bras for a buck apiece. Sorry, didn’t take pictures. Beige, lacy fabric. Looked up the brand when I got home because the little old lady at the sale told me her former employer (who is quite wealthy and likes to shop and then doesn’t wear what she bought) had donated a bunch of stuff for her to sell. Sure enough, these bras retail for $60 each. And they fit and are very comfy. Another woo hoo!

I easily resisted buying the (new) pair of tiny little thong panties that the little old lady was selling. She kept waving them about and we were all joking about what they must be like to wear. But no one wanted to try them out.

Saturday I decided to venture further afield and headed up to Portland for the 29th annual Eastmoreland Neighborhood Sale. One of those gorgeous old neighborhoods near a golf course with great houses and mature gardens.

A front garden

There were almost 150 sales listed. I have no idea how many I saw. At first it was easy to park and get around, but by about 10 a.m. there were literally hundreds of people wandering around. It was kind of like being at the state fair or something, if a state fair ever took place in a posh neighborhood. And when I say people, I mean all ages, plus strollers and wagons and dozens of bicycles and dogs, dogs dogs. First one I met was young Lucy the labradoodle.

Lucy the Labradoodle

My favorites were a Sheltie who appreciated my under-the-collar scratching style and Ava the flat coated retriever (she looked like our Lizzie). And I would have kidnapped this cat in a heartbeat.

Large handsome cat

He was gigantic, probably a Maine coon. Told him he could hop in the convertible but he was too busy greeting sale goers.

For all the sales I visited, didn’t end up buying much. I was very happy to find this black metal pot for my water lily. (The first leaf has reached the surface…)

water lily pot 2water lily pot

Found a wool sweater to felt

sweater to felt

and a pair of cords for the hubs in a free box. You know it’s a posh neighborhood when the LL Bean slacks are in the free box.

free box pants

Couldn’t resist a CD of classical music played on the hammer dulcimer.

Classical dulcimer

Splurged a whole two bucks on that one. Tried to get her go down to a dollar, but she said no, her reasoning being that the last lady who bought some CDs didn’t get them for a dollar. My feeling was that the other lady didn’t ask, but I refrained from arguing with her. (Even though I kind of wanted to.)

And the find that probably made me happiest was a couple of skeins of wool yarn.

Yarn for the stash

Bought from a funny guy who was very proud of his wife’s crafting abilities. There were several small quilts there that she had made and they were quite nice. He liked my convertible and pulled out his phone to show me his, a roadster from the 30s. Very cool.

Next weekend I will probably be helping a friend’s mom with her sale. We’ll see if I end up too tired to blog!

Teddy dance


  1. Whiskey? Who knew. I have had a couple of martinis in my day. The Key Lime martini was worth every calorie. Like heavenly dessert. I'll pass on the whiskey. You found some good stuff. It's always fun to see what you happen upon. I love that kitty too!

    1. Yeah, the whiskey craze is going to have to happen without me. Of course, the martini craze did too!

  2. Bras that fit for that price! You ARE the queen......

    1. Bras that fit and are comfortable are a good thing at any price, but you're right, I really scored!


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