Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Dogs and Cups and Festive Eggplants

I’ve been a tad frustrated since I moved to Salem that I see way fewer pets when I’m out garaging. But I think I may have discovered the secret: you have to go garaging with at least two friends you made at the dog park for all the dogs to appear! Yup, piled into the car with Edward and Zoe’s Aunty Judy and Aunty Toni (your pets have aunties, don’t they??) and off we went, meeting dogs all along the way. Alas, some of my pictures didn’t turn out to be usable, like the lovely huge hound at our first stop and his little brother, some kind of poodly mix who had been rescued from a bad place and weighed only five pounds when he arrived. He’s still wary of strangers but up to a much healthier 17 pounds, and agreed he was a very lucky boy. I spent fifty cents at their sale on a Fisher Price Humpty Dumpty pull toy for my children’s literature room. He was quite, quite dirty

Humpty is dirtyHumpty is very dirty

but nothing a little soap and water couldn’t cure.  I thought he looked quite relieved to get his face washed.

Humpty Dumpty clean againFisher Price Humpty Dumpty

Then we ran across Josie

Dog named Josie

who is another dog park aficionado. Didn’t get the names of these sweeties

Dogs who want to help us shopSmall fluffy dog

but the first two had a lot to say for themselves. Then in keeping with the dog theme of the day, we ran across a hotdog hat, which Judy kindly modeled (being our hat specialist).

Hotdog Hat

The lady having the sale (yes, the one laughing in the background) said it was odd – everyone was picking up that hat but for some reason no one was buying it.

Can’t imagine why.

I did buy some Christmas ornaments there though. Really like the colors.

xmas ornies

Though…don’t the purple ones look just like little eggplants? Such a festive vegie!

xmas eggplants

Toni and her dog Xanny have been doing quite a bit of hiking lately, and I got to give them a little backpack we found that’s perfect for carrying water and a handful of dog food. This is Xanny at the park.

Xanny & Zoe

She’s waiting for Zoe to drop her ball and give her a chance at it.

As if.

The backpack sale also yielded a cup and saucer that match a coffee pot bought I bought back in 2009. Winfield China, Dragon Flower pattern.

Winfield Dragon Flower cup & plateWinfield Dragon Flower pot and cup

I ended up spending a whole three bucks for about $40 worth of merchandise. As far as I’m concerned, that’s more like winning a lottery than winning a lottery! And the time with friends? Yup…priceless!


  1. Tell me more about your children's literature room--I thought you'd retired? Is it in a library or your home? Love that Humpty Dumpty found a home in it, regardless of where it is! Love reading about your adventures.

    1. When I retired I gave away a bunch of the children's literature stuff I had in my office, but kept a fair amount too! Figurines and stuffed toys and paintings and yes, books! It's all in one of our guest bedrooms, so I call that the children's literature room. This new Humpty is hanging out with a rather elegant Humpty Dumpty teapot and cream & sugar set, providing a nice study in contrasts!

  2. It is good see pictures of all the fur babies you come into contact with. Great deals as always.

    1. I knew you'd like the pups! Hope yours are doing well and not being itchy any more.

  3. Hi, just found you blog. I love the dinnerware you found. I'll be back.


  4. those look more like Easter Ornaments if you ask me.... Love the cup!

    1. I never would have thought of that, but you're right, they are rather egg-like. You have that artist's eye!


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