Tuesday, May 7, 2013


He won! Yes, thanks to your support, our Edward’s face is going to be on dog treats at our local pet store. How exciting is that? We really appreciate your votes and lovely comments. I believe Edward was the only entrant with votes from all over the U.S. and even other countries! Being the modest, unassuming fellow that he is, Edward is taking fame in his stride. I’m sure when the paparazzi show up, he’ll just ask them for treats and pose in a nice Sit. He’s that kind of boy. I’ll keep you posted when we get our hands on some of the dogs treats with his picture. Hmmm, I think my Christmas shopping is going to be easy this year!

Cozy Edward

I felt like just as big a winner as Edward this weekend. Yup, the garage sales have started in earnest with our lovely warm weather – and I scored practically an entire new wardrobe! I still can’t believe my luck. On Friday I headed first to an estate sale near home. I am still looking for a couple of mid century twin beds, so I always head straight to the bedrooms at an estate sale. No cool beds at this one, but I noticed that the closets in two rooms were completely stuffed with nice clothing. I peeked at a couple of pieces. They were MY SIZE. Since the sale had just started. clothes were priced at $3 for pants, $4 for tops, etc. Not bad, but even those prices add up. I picked out a few things, and when I paid, the cashier mentioned that prices would be half off on Saturday. She even said there was a bathroom that was closed off for the sale where I could try things on. I promised I’d be back the next day.

Went to a few more sales…and danged if I didn’t find another – a fundraiser for a youth group – with more clothes in my size. I picked up half a dozen pieces there. The rest of the morning yielded only a few small candles, but I went home happy and anticipating the next day.

I returned to the estate sale about two minutes after they opened on Saturday and headed straight for those closets. I could see that a few things had sold, but they were still packed with clothing. I started a pile, moved to the other room and added to it, then checked with the cashier to make sure it was okay to try items on. “Of course,” she said. “Use that back bathroom. We want you to be happy!” (I’d like her to give lessons in attitude to some other folks who run estate sales!)

I dragged my enormous pile of clothing into the bathroom, closed the door, and started in. About 10 pieces were weeded out for not being comfortable enough. I returned them to one of the closets for some other lucky lady to find, and went to pay for my goodies. I’m sure I was grinning ear to ear. I was excited on Friday over my finds, and to get more on Saturday for half price was the icing on the cake. I ended up spending a total of $72. See if you think I got my money’s worth:

four brand new pairs of Argyle socks (I’ve never owned any Argyles before!)

Argyle socks

a nice selection of pants (Talbot’s, Coldwater Creek, Liz Claiborne)

Nice selection of pants

shirts from Hawaii (you can still buy these…if you want to pay $95 each!)

Shirts from Hawaii

a cotton eyelet overshirt, and two linen blouses

Cotton & linen shirts

a couple of Ralph Lauren shirts

Ralph Lauren shirts

tees from Talbot’s, Coldwater Creek, Liz Claiborne

Terrific tees

a traveller’s knit jacket (this style/brand currently retails for close to $120!)

Vikki Vi Jacket  knit jacket detail

and several sweaters. Three from an upscale store in Portland, knit of linen and rayon

Linen sweaters

one of fine gauge cotton, and a cashmere

Cotton & cashmere sweaters

a very pretty Christmas vest…I know these are no longer the fashion,

Beautiful Xmas vest

but this one is so nicely done, with its glittery trees on front and back

Knitted trees  Sweater back

soft angora snow

Angora snow

and the fringe on the skater’s scarf and hat blowing in the breeze!

Knitted skater

Last, a gorgeous hand knit wool sweater in a fine weight yarn.

Hand knit seamless sweater

This was made by a real expert. It has NO seams at all, so she knitted it in the round, with lovely details like a seed stitch bottom border and cables around the neckline and up the shoulder decreases.

Lovely sweater details

I admit it…I keep walking into my closet and sighing with happiness! This garaging season is off to a fabulous start.

So Edward and I are both winners. But that’s not all. I found out this morning I won a cool blog giveaway! Ann over at All Things Paper showcases lots of fabulous paper art. A few days ago I left a comment saying since the giveaway drawing would be on our anniversary (number 41. No, I can’t believe it either.) she really ought to pick me. And she did!


I tell you, if I were the kind of person who buys lottery tickets, this would clearly be a good time. But if I did win some lottery money, I’d probably spend it on beautiful paper art, nice duds, and treats for Edward – and I’ve already got all that!


  1. So glad the 'season' if off to a good start.

  2. I'd say you hit the jackpot with your wardrobe purchases.
    And congratulations to Edward.

  3. So glad you are pleased... the luck of the draw!

  4. WoooHooo! Well done Edward! Really pleased for you.
    And well done you. Yes, I do think that wardrobe was worth it. Great fun! xx

  5. Congratulations to Edward! And to you!!

  6. Congratulations to Edward and to you also. Great deals!! I can't wait to see the bags of treats.

  7. YAY for Edward! I voted for him because he really WAS the cutest dog - I looked at them all! So glad he's going to be a "pin up" boy!! ;-) Give him a good smooch for me! Great deals found, too!

    1. You are a woman of taste and discrimination! ;o) He sends all of you a smooch back.

  8. Sweet Edward!!! Now all of the great Northwest will know what a sweetie you are!!
    Congrats all around!!!
    I am staying away from sales if I can....bought a whole bag of cabbage patch size doll clothes and 5 beautiful baby dolls for a total of $7 at three sales! Distributed and made points with young ladies I know with the clothes, and will paint and skellify the girls!

  9. Congratulations to Edward! He will be so adorable as the treat spokes dog!

    You found some lovely clothing. Nice finds for sure!

  10. WooHoo! For Edward! He really is the best! Looking forward to seeing his big bag of treats!
    And, WooHoo! For your great shopping eye! You can pick out some of the absolute best things!
    And, WooHoo! For the cool blog giveaway! I can't believe you two have been married 41 years! Congratulations!


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