Saturday, March 24, 2012

Zoe’s New Ambition

Like most younguns, Zoe keeps changing her mind about what she want to be when she grows up. A cowdog, a firedog, the usual. But thanks to an item I brought home yesterday from a garage sale free box, she has a new aspiration.

She wants to play basketball for Duke.

free box basketballready for my free throwb-ball 1b-ball 2

Well, actually, since she’s only 4 1/2 months old and about to get her big-dog teeth, she really just wants to eat basketballs for Duke.


Don’t you love a good free box? Bringing this home made me think about other good free finds over the years. The Aztec lily bulbs that started growing as soon as I threw them in some dirt…I had a great time taking arty pictures of the blooms through a lens I culled from an old filmstrip projector.


The amazing vintage linens that had belonged to Mikey-the-insurance-agent’s wife’s aunt.


The rubber Viking helmet with attached braids that Edward was kind enough to model.


A wonderful cat pull toy.

cat toy

One of my faves was the pair of Italian leather shoes. When I pulled them out of the free box I just knew they’d fit. And after I covered them with bits of fifty-cent origami paper, they became real attention getters!

Shoes before 2finished 4heel

It’s a good thing I find so much great stuff for free. If Zoe is planning to go to Duke, I’d better start saving in her college fund now!


  1. Love the picture of Zoe looking up at the ball and of Edward. Sigh...

  2. Love this post!...If Zoe is going to Duke, from now on you will have to get 'everything' out of the free box, hahaha! xo

  3. hopefully you don't have to put Z through med school....

  4. Those completely amazing.

  5. Eddie looks like our Sophie in that helmet! Could it be there's a Dachshund somewhere in his lineage

  6. Wow the shoes are a cool transformation! I like all your free finds! I love the free boxes too. So many times I have found stuff in there that I would have gladly paid a buck for!


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