Sunday, May 22, 2011

A Turtle, a Cat, and Some Dubious Art

"How much is this turtle?” Three boys stood by a large stuffed object on a driveway.

“Fifty cents,” the seller called back.

“We’ll take it!” The oldest immediately went to pay for their treasure.


Off they went, calling excitedly, “Dad, dad, look what WE got!” They made the youngest carry it.


Wasn’t easy! The middle brother took over. Competent, that’s us middle children!


The seller and I were both chuckling. “You know why I said fifty cents?” she asked me. “I figured if I made it any higher their parents might make them bring it back!”

The joys of decluttering. Feels so good to move out stuff you’ve been harboring for ages. Like, um, art pieces.

IMG_0866 IMG_0865

Perhaps it was an exercise in learning to frame stuff?

Talked with another woman for a bit who really is an artist, though she couldn’t show me the gate she’d painted sunflowers on, because termites ate it. (Yum, painted sunflowers, let’s go get some!) Her mailbox was lovely, though she admitted she hadn’t made this piece.


I think she did make this stuffed cat.


When I picked him up, he seemed a little embarrassed by what was left behind on his chair!


I wouldn’t have dared pick up this cat.


Though he seemed friendly enough, there was something in his expression…


He was next door to the sale where I saw Seamus giving his new person a little smooch.


She said he’s about 3 months old, and has been at the animal shelter since he was 2 weeks old. The story she got was that some people who breed Cairn terriers brought in this litter, saying they had decided not to keep them. Of course they all had to be bottle fed for several weeks. The girls pups had already found home, but little Seamus was waiting for her. I was looking online at pictures of Cairn puppies, and I’m thinking there may well be some other genetic heritage at work here.


No matter. He’s as sweet as can be, and in a happy home. Whew!

Spent $8.50 this Saturday. Got good stuff! This pot rack is destined for our MCM house in Oregon.


I’ve grown too used to having my pots overhead to give that up! Here’s what we did in our current kitchen. Very handy.


Next biggest buy was a set of 6 drinking glasses.


They have indentations in the sides, in just the right spots for your fingers and thumb. I hope this will improve our grip and we won’t break them any time soon!


Picked up a fun goofy movie.


And a vintage decorating book to resell. This one’s from the mid 70s.


The coolest encounter of the morning was an affable guy, quite willing to chat, who turned out to be a major fan of the library system I work for. He raved about the wonders of our interlibrary loan service (can’t wait to tell them next week about their fan!) and I had to agree. I recently requested an old novel by an author I’ve read for years. Had never seen this book anywhere, so I asked our ILL folks to get it for me. Which they did—straight from the Library of Congress! Evidently it was the only copy in America, and I got to read it.



  1. Looks like a fun day! Love the pic of the kids carrying that huge stuffed Turtle!!

  2. I have to tell you two little secrets: 1) Middle kids carry stuff because us youngest kids know how to get them to do it. 2) If the shelter had said "Jack Russel mix" the pups would have languished longer in the shelter, sad but true. Anyhow, I love your blog always a pleasure I look forward to on weekends!

  3. As always you found some great things. I always love reading your blog and hearing your great stories from the day :)

  4. I love that little doggie! wish they made a mini basset. We went to the doggie beach yesterday, and i was lead RUNNING down the shore trying to catch up with an exuberant basset on a loose leash! boy,she sleep all the way home! Buddy was tired too, but because he kept running back and forth to make sure that we were all together and not getting lost. On the way back from the run, I was trailing about 60 yards behind john and Sasha; buddy would run up to be with them, then turn around and dash back to me to make sure I was paying attention and coming too. Channeling his sheep herder side I guess.

  5. At the one yard sale I went to that had a dog this weekend, I almost missed one of my biggest (most searched for) items because the little guy was such a barker. i have dogs so I'm used to some barking, but this little guy was annoying.
    I did find a Scrabble game. Big score for me because I have been looking everywhere (thrifts and sales) and haven't seen a one. Until Saturday at the sale with the barky boy.

  6. When I was a kid my mother wanted to pull her hair out at every yard sale we went to because I always managed to find some ginormous stuffed animal, and I always HAD to have it!

  7. Aw, another great adventure in Shopping on Driveway land! Nice post :-)


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