Sunday, March 13, 2011

A, Alligators All Around…

Spring. Don’t you just love Spring? As old Mrs. Cheever tells the children in Return to Gone Away by Elizabeth Enright, “Oh, I declare I can hardly wait for it myself! No matter how old a person gets, he’s never old in spring!”

Of course Spring is a relative term. Winter still grips colder climes, and my readers in Australia are heading into Fall. But here, Spring is springing, and how do I know this? Not the arrival of Daylight Savings Time, though I’m glad for that. Nope. We’re talking the arrival of neighborhood sales!

I found at least four yesterday in my usual garaging territory. It won’t be long before there are enough that I can’t get to them all in a morning. Why yes, that is one of my definitions of heaven! Doesn’t even matter that I only bought stuff at two sales (and one of those was not part of a neighborhood sales). It’s all about the treasure hunt.

Of course for me part of the treasure is getting to meet pets. This nice kitty enjoyed a good writhe on a warm spot of driveway.


This little cutie headed right up my leg for petting.


This is Maggie, a certified therapy dog. She visits a hospital and a local school, where kids get to read to her.


While I was petting Maggie, a lady walked by with her two Golden retrievers. Didn’t get this sweetie’s name, I was too busy petting her as she leaned all her considerable weight against me.


The other retriever was Gunnar, who insists on walking himself!


Had a really good time at the first sale of the morning. My friend Linda is part of a large music group, and these ladies throw a fund-raising yard sale a couple of times a year. (It was at one of their sales that Linda and I met!) I eagerly anticipate these events because these ladies are a hoot. Oh, and also because I always find some new-to-me clothes—which they sell for fifty cents apiece. Not sure how they always come up with so much clothing to sell, but I continue to be glad that they do! Got extra lucky this time, because everything I bought fits. Came home with a cotton shirt that feels like linen


and a printed tee with ruffly edges.

IMG_0189  IMG_0192 

Two Land’s End sweater sets, in (Spring!) green


and blue.


A pair of Sigrid Olsen pants.


And two long-sleeve t-shirts for the hubs. (T-shirts are easy, long sleeved is hard to find—at least in my fifty-cent price range!)

IMG_0197 IMG_0196

This adorable handmade Chinese  character doll will go to a children’s librarian, to be part of our around-the-world summer reading program.


Linda also gave me a couple of bags of big pieces of felt for my librarians. I foresee new felt boards in several locations!

And possibly my fave item of the day…an alligator.


He’s a nutcracker. I think he has a sort of vintage midcentury vibe, though one online antique dealer had one  that they said is from the 30s, so who knows. I just like him. All the ladies of the music-group were calling him Alfred, and it turns out they have a song in their repertoire about an alligator named Alfred, which one of them sang to me. I had to return the favor with my favorite crocodile song:

“She sailed away on a happy summer day

Riding a crocodile.                          

‘You’ll see,’ said she, ‘he’s as tame as he can be.

I’ll ride him down the Nile.’

The croc winked an eye as she waved them all goodbye

Wearing a happy smile.

At the end of the ride, the lady was inside

And the smile on the crocodile!”



  1. Oooh! Fabulous Fifty Cent Clothing! Oh my...I just love it when you can find lovely items for .50 and they fit! The garage sale Gods were smiling upon you.

    Funny thing, I went to one sale, lady had lovely clothing, cheapest item...$5.00. Yes, Five Dollars! You really don't want to know how much the most expensive thing was. Of course I left post haste!

    All your goodies are incredible, however I am so enamored with the alligator. My daughter loved (and still does) Dr. Seuss and used to say Aunt Annie's Alligator A...a...a!
    Perfect for a childrens librarian!

  2. sweet score on so many new to me clothing items that fit! yeah for you! i found the same jacket that i purchased 6 years ago and loved...only in a bigger size. and since i too am a bigger size, i was uber stoked! cute croc!

  3. Thanks to the title of this post, that song is stuck in my head. "B...bursting balloons...C...catching colds..." Darn you and Maurice Sendak!

  4. What a cool idea for a blog! I was chatting with a mutual acquaintance about my biggest interview disasters and since you got to witness them, your name came up. She told me about your blog. I too visit yard sales on a regular basis and love photography and animals. Only occasionally has it occurred to me to photograph my finds-but they landed on my Flickr site instead of my blog.
    Take care and thanks for a fun read.


I really love your comments. Thanks for coming along on my thrifty adventures!

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