Saturday, August 28, 2010


Last Saturday was blazing hot, and there were sales all over the place. Today it was back in the seventies and hardly a sale in sight. Go figure. But at least I got to meet Gracie and Bob.
Aren’t they a hoot? I found that special spot on Bob’s back to scratch, and he all but fainted on my feet, the sweet slobbery boy. Also met Abby who was sold to her family as a purebred lab.
Ummm, I kind of don’t think so. Someone short-legged contributed a gene or two.

This little guy is Zippy.
“As in Zippedy-do-dah,” his owner explained. Zippy had this whole act going, shivering and being pitiful. He was milking it for all he was worth.

Three little girls at this sale had set up a lemonade and cookie stand. When I paid for what I bought there, their grandma slipped me a quarter and told me it was to buy something from them, because they were so thrilled when they sold something. I thought that was awfully sweet (and tactful!) of her.

In spite of the low number of sales, I managed to spend $16.17—and that was without finding any furniture! At the sale with the thoughtful grandma and Zippy the dog I bought eleven DVDs, several of them still shrink wrapped.

I've already watched one of them; my friend Marcia stopped by not long after I got home from garaging and I was gloating over all my DVDs. She had never seen Fierce Creatures, so we plopped ourselves down and watched it then and there. (I may not have found more furniture today, but I'm making good use of the Danish chair I picked up a few weeks ago.)

Eleven DVDs for sixteen bucks wouldn’t be too bad a morning, but that’s not all. At my first stop I bought these cute buttons…because I needed more buttons, right?
I'm afraid for a lot of us, the saying should be “she who dies with the most buttons wins.” Believe me, I'm a contender.

This orange vase is blown glass. I immediately saw it holding sunflowers, so I picked up a $3 bunch on my way home, then added some stuff from the yard.
I scored this mixed-fabric rayon skirt for 42 cents, that being all the change I had at the time.
Thought it would be cute with these Kenneth Cole sandals, covered with black tube beads.
I haven’t owned any sandals for a while and thought these might be fun. And I just looked up how much this brand goes for new and realized why I haven’t been buying them. These puppies were probably $60 or more new. Seems like a lot for a couple of straps and some beads.

I also bought my hubs a pair of jeans but haven’t taken their picture. Just imagine in your mind’s eye a cute middle aged guy in slightly faded black Levi 505s, then picture the smile on the woman next to him because she is thinking she only paid a buck for them. Yup, that is exactly what those jeans look like.

And here’s my ironic purchase of the day. I wanted some little Christmas bulbs for the dragonfly lamp I bought last week that didn’t light up when I plugged it in. I figured one if its bulbs was burned out and that replacing them would make it work. So I shelled out fifty cents for this brand new almost twenty foot long string of lights
and took the first bulb out of the lamp, and tried to push in a replacement. Only to discover that all bulbs are not created equal. Did you know they are not all interchangeable? I sure didn’t. The bases are configured just differently enough that I couldn’t use today’s bulbs in the lamp. Sigh. So I stuck the bulb back in that I had taken out of the lamp—and it lit up.
Works perfectly now. Must have just been a loose connection or something. Maybe it felt sorry for me. In any case, I now have a really silly dragonfly lamp that works, and a twenty foot long string of little white lights that I don’t immediately have a use for.

I'm sure I'll think of something.


  1. I love the buttons! By the way, you can use the bulbs that don't fit by unwiring the bulb from the base and putting it on the old base. It's just 2 little wires that you bend straight to get out and then bend back after you put it into the new base. The hardest part is feeding them through the holes.

  2. I was thinking of you today when I picked up a 100% Cashmere Sweater new with tags ($189.99) Im hoping to sell it on eBay! lol

    That Skirt is awesome.

  3. Sorry cant believe I left you hanging on the price like It cost a whole buck.

  4. Ooh, 'Roman Holiday' is on my 'wants' list - I've never seen it. 'Fierce Creatures' must be the US version of 'A Fish Called Wanda' ? xx

  5. first...i love, love your blog. and that dragonfly lamp is toooo cute. i love yard sale-ing but where i live is in the sticks and yard sales here are what should have been put in the trash. but when i go to my sisters in the city we score. LOL keep up the good make my sunday mornings smiley.
    p.s. love the buttons, too

  6. Of course you will think of something - you are the Queen of Resourceful, too! However, I'm in the running for the Dying With the Most Buttons prize - see my current post!

  7. Put those little white lights in a Mason or Ball jar and plug 'em in. Makes a cozy light or night light.

  8. You should have come up to North County. There were sales all over the place! One unusual one, three little girls were all selling about 5 years worth of dance costumes...I got dizzy with all the sequins, glitter, and feathers!
    and, no, I did not buy anything.....they were asking way too much!!

  9. You snagged some great finds. Love the buttons and skirt. Your lamp is cute and fun.

  10. Love your skirt and you got a great buy on all those DVD's. Plus your dragonfly lamp is so cute - I've even been finding myself gravitating toward dragonflies a little more this season. They're so pretty.

  11. the truth about cats and dogs is one of my favorite movies! i think mine is so old, its on vhs. time to upgrade to dvd methinks! that orange pitcher is perfect for fall, too!

  12. Bullies! Those guys are beautiful dogs! I'm still decorating my teen area at GGR if you need somewhere for the string of lights to go...hint, hint.


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