Friday, June 4, 2010


I've been taking an online class on creating websites, in preparation for a big project I shall reveal in a few weeks (yes, more shameless self-promotion ahead, don't say I didn't warn you!). A couple of months ago, all I could tell you about 'html' is what the letters stand for.

Finished my final project for the class yesterday. I wrote an honest-to-goodness website! No Dreamweaver or other authoring software, just me and Typepad and a whole bunch of letters and symbols (the <> keys have certainly gotten a workout!). If you get a chance, stop by my site here. "The Petal's Edge" is a visit to our garden. Still needs a bunch more pictures added, but I'm completely amazed that I was able to make this!


  1. You are amazing! Now that I have my CPAP, I aspire to be as amazing as you are!

  2. Your front yard looks fabulous! Congrats on building your site from scratch.

  3. Nice work - both the site and the yard!

  4. What a transformation, I love what you've done. My husband and I love walking through our yard and checking on plants everyday too.

  5. I'm gonna test myself here, HTML
    Hyper Text Maahhhh?? Language

    okay, I'm gonna hafta google it now!

    I am amazed that you made that all by coding! Anytime I have to use code on my blog I have to weed through the how-to's on google.

    What is that beautiful flower on your home page??

  6. great job on the website!! Kelly


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