Sunday, May 2, 2010


I managed to go by a handful of yard sales on my way to work Saturday, and after I spent fifty cents I felt much better. None of the sales were very interesting, but I was willing to plunk down two quarters for this little guy.
Brand new, still in his Crate & Barrel box. Probably a gift. Let’s all say it together, children: If there were no gifts, there would be no garage sales!

It wasn’t actually the squirrel I fell for, it's the acorn.
What is it about an object that compels us to want it? I have always considered the acorn both beautiful and completely cool. Several months ago I took the acorn pin I found at a yard sale, plus some real acorns I picked up in Oregon and an old glasses case, and made this little construction.
I still need to line the case with better fabric, maybe brown velvet?

While waiting for my Saturday morning work event to begin I was chatting with an acquaintance about blogging. Told her how much I've enjoyed writing about yard sales.

“Ooooh, yard sales,” she said. “They are so much work.” I agreed. Way more fun to go to them than to have them. She told me about the time she moved from Birmingham, Alabama to New York, and had to sell pretty much the entire contents of her house. “People were so pushy,” she said. “They showed up the night before, they showed up at six in the morning. I even found a woman in my kitchen making herself some breakfast.”

I was agog. This was extreme, even for pushy thrifters. “Making breakfast?”

“Yeah, she said she’d been out going to sales all morning and really needed something to keep her going.”

I’ve heard lots of stories about pushy people, but I think I'm going to officially award this unknown person the crown of pushiest of them all…and devoutly hope she never shows up at any sale I might hold.


  1. Can't get over the 'making myself breakfast' story. Did you get to hear how the woman dealt with it?

  2. I consider myself a pretty easy going woman, but if I found a stranger in my kitchen making breakfast, I would get really, really mean very quickly. WT**??!! This story justifies my excuses for not having a yard sale, especially in my neighborhood. They might just settle in on the porch with a little moonshine and have a snack.

    I love your acorn construction. May I suggest a lighter color than brown for the lining? I think the acorns will "pop" a little better if the background color contrasts more than brown would. A creamy ivory velvet? Maybe a pale grey/green satin? I hope you display it for us after it's finished!

  3. Love your blog...Wow...making herself breakfast...where I come from that's called breaking and entering...hope she called the police...wonder how she homeowner handled the situation...?

  4. Wow honey, so my question how did the 'lady' get in her house? open doors? not your little yard sale find!
    I agree with Jayme that brown velvet would not showcase those adorable acorns. Her suggestions are great. Can't wait to see it.

  5. HAHAH! That lady woulda gotten shooed out with a broom or worse yet hit on the head with a frying pan (1940's cartoon style) if it was my house! I collect the enamel flower pins from the 60's and to compliment my "garden" I started collecting small bee pins as well. It reminds me of your beautiful acorn.

  6. I love acorns also. The little squirrel is very sweet.

  7. I just love your find. I am acorn hollow so I have a thing for acorns. Pushy is beyond pushy
    and should have had a police escort out of the house.

  8. Dear Queen, I'm seeing the title "Collage Artist" in your future!
    The breakfast cooker, what a great story.

  9. i am amazed. i've seen some things in my 33 years, but if i witnessed this, i think i would be rendered speechless. and then, laughter and guffaws. lot of guffaws.

  10. The acorn display--I agree with the others. It needs to ...okay, I'll say it, though I swore off this word...POP, and brown won't do it. How about an autumn red?

  11. Hello. I don't know if you remember but you commented on my post about wanting to learn how to drive but being too scared to do it. Ever since that day you commented, I confess that I've looked forward to reading your blog every Saturday evening.

    Whenever I go thrifting, I usually go for craft stuff and clothes, but I find your thrift treasures truly delightful. I also enjoy your dog and cat portraits and wish I could meet some cuties like you do. Most of all, you are a gifted story teller. I just love hearing your yard sales stories. Thank you so much for sharing! Keep it up! :D

  12. Glad you visited and entered my blog giveaway. I love thrifting too. You have found some great things thrifting. Love your blog title too. Good luck on winning my giveaway.

    i think I would have taken a broom to her and chased her out of the house!!

  14. A person in the house making breakfast- that is hilarious and insane. I don't have good luck with yard sales- I wish I could attract enough people to make a good profit- even they are absolutely brazen like the one cooking breakfast.

  15. Around this house, anyone comes in, first thing they better do is feed the cats, or watch out!
    I think maybe a tan or interesting pale shade of green for the case liner, nature colors, but contrast.
    Love your 50 cent bargain.

  16. Truly unbelievable! It's hard to believe what some people will do!

    LOVE the acorns too. I have a vintage shop, called AcornPudding where I sell some of my thrifty finds :)

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  18. Hey, that was ME! I was only scrambling some eggs. It wasn't like I was frying bacon or anything...SHEESH! (just kidding)

  19. I cannot BELIEVE someone would actually do that! Wow. The nerve!


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