Saturday, April 4, 2009


The cute little girl was helping her grandmother arrange their yard sale. I said what a good helper she was, then added, “You must be…four or five years old?” Her grandmother said yes, she was four and a half. But her granddaughter drew herself up and said, “I am four and three fourths.” “Wow,” I said, “you’re a good helper and you can do fractions!”

When I started out this morning I promised myself that everything tempting me during the morning would be put to this test: is it excellent, and will I use it now? Thrifting on a regular basis can be such a good time to practice self discipline! I certainly met some excellent pets. One was a plushy black cat named Sasha. Her owner lit up when he talked about what a great cat she is. Sasha was a little shy, which was disappointing because I was dying to see if her fur was as thick and soft as it looked in the morning sunshine.

A few stops later I met Ben E., a sweet elderly dog.
His owner said the name was originally just Ben, but he seemed to demand a middle initial, so he became Ben E. My pets always end up with middle names, so I knew what he was talking about. (Edward’s middle name, for instance, is Hopper—partly after the artist, partly because that is what he does.) Ben E. has been through much in his fourteen years, including getting his tongue caught in a paper shredder as a puppy. (youch! He had to have it sewn back on!) Not so long ago he had a stroke, and they thought that might be the end, but brave old Ben fought his way back. I think the thing that’s so inspiring about our pets is not just their amazing ability to heal, but the way they take whatever comes in their stride. I've been through a lot with my furry guys, and they never moan or complain or feel sorry for themselves. Wish I could say the same about myself! Whoever said that line about ‘wanting to be the person my pet thinks I am’ got it right.

My favorite overheard line of the morning came from a lady who was paying for some knickknacks and dishes and something cross-stitched. As she pulled out her billfold she remarked, “I thought I was stopping for gas money earlier, but this will get me way farther!”

I spent a total of $7 (not counting my own gas money!) and brought home these excellent items:

Two little lusterware demitasse cups.
They’re for my husband, who makes espresso regularly with his prized vintage La Pavoni. (Check out that shine—he gave it a major polishing this week.)
An angora sweater to felt.
A movie I've never seen, but Brenda Blethyn is fabulous so I figure it's worth a look.
A whole boxful of magazines—fifty in all.
Ought to keep me entertained for a bit. Some of the titles are not things I go out of my way to look at, but hey, this is my big chance to check out Retired Officer Magazine!
And the prize of the day—a brand new waffle iron, still in its box with the original sales receipt tucked inside.
It was originally $40, on special for $20. It was WAY more special when I bought it for $3! Of course, it makes heart shaped waffles, but what the heck. We can just eat heart shaped waffles until I find one I like better.

At my final stop of the morning I saw an amazing beaded dress and commented to the seller that I bet she had looked pretty slinky in that. She laughed and said I should try it. I noted that it was about five sizes too small for me, and that anyway I actually own an amazing beaded dress myself, only I've never found any place to wear it. “Oh, let me tell you,” she said. “We now go to the performing arts center once a month, and that’s when I get myself all fluffed up.” I loved that phrase, and when I left I told her I'd keep an eye out for her at the theatre. “I know I'll recognize you,” I said. “You’ll be the fluffy one!”


  1. I'm jealous of the waffle iron! I hope to find one this yard sale season! I went on my first yard saling trip of the season today and can you believe it...I found nothing! I was so sad. My sister, however, hit a jackpot on work clothes. So, it wasn't a complete loss!

  2. My oldest would go nuts over those cups! Great find on the waffle iron...ours is one my husband bought at a yard sale ....25 yrs ago. Still works....darnit!

  3. Well whenever you decide that heart shaped waffles are no longer your forte... send it my way! I make heart shaped pancakes for my kids by cooking them and then cutting them with cookie cutters! I am pretty sure your iron would be a better option!

    Great find there!

  4. Best thrift store finds for me today were a baggy of birthday cake toppers and a well used plastic scooter.

    Grandson LOVED the scooter and granddaughter could not keep her hands off the toppers!

    But, those cups! LOVE those! And, heart shaped waffles - now if those don't say 'love', what does?

  5. Pretty, pretty cups! I can't resist lusterware either!

    You met some nice pets in your travels this morning.

  6. I just love your saturday romps!! I agree, the vision of "fluffing Up" for an outing is great!!! Come see what was given to my daughter yesterday! It wasn't at a garage sale but it was stored in one!!! Thanks for sharing your monday.

  7. Sounds like a very nice day! Love the pet stories too. Our dog Silhouette (Silly for short) has donned the middle name "Goose".

  8. Awesome haul there, well done. xx

  9. Don't you just love it when you go out and can answer yes to those 2 questions?
    Well done!
    Have a great week!

  10. Fun, very Fun! Thanks for visiting Mom Walds Place. I'm definitely coming to check out your finds again!

  11. One of my favorite things, if not my favorite thing, is Estate and Garage sale shopping,,and recently since I became a blogger I have to say I've become obsessed with blogs of other people shopping. Yours is really good...all the extra fun stuff like the pets and remarks along the way. xo Joan

  12. Ugh, does your husband realize how much he owes you for that espresso maker? I'd day you should be wined and dined over that. If he doesn't, give it to me and I'll wine and dine you! ;-)

  13. Heart shaped waffles sound adorable!!!


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