Monday, August 25, 2008

Blogging is SO educational!

I really, really love the comments I get from you all. Reminds me of the amazing way the Internet is both personal and impersonal. We can be anywhere in the world, and come together like this. And good heavens, I am learning so much from you! Catherine tells me that one of last weekend's vintage linens is decorated with coronation cord, which hasn't been made since the 20s!

I'd never heard of it before. What do you want to bet I'll start spotting it, now that it's come to my attention? (I hope!) And I think Cathy's right about the other embroidery being more Deco than Victorian. You guys are so smart!

So I have a question and I really, really hope someone has the answer! The Curious George digital watch I got a couple of weeks ago now has a new battery and is merrily ticking away. But I cannot for the life of me figure out how to set the time on it! It has one knob on the side that can be pressed, and the little depression thingy that you press with a paperclip or some such. Can't find an instruction manual online anywhere. Somehow I managed to get some numbers on it, but they're not the ones I want. It's 5:38 pm and the watch says 9:13, or if I press the knob once 1721, or twice it goes to :00. Doesn't seem to make any difference when I press the indent. Any ideas? I'm dying to wear my new watch, but I'm too math challenged to add what, 3 hours and 35 minutes to know what time it is...


  1. Try a paperclip point to press on the indent in the watch. I had one similar and you pressed the indent causing the screen to flash. You really need to press the indent otherwise it won't work

  2. I am loving all your vintage tablecloths!! I've looked and looked for them at yard sales, and so far, no luck.

  3. have you figured out the watch? I'm thinking that you need to press until you get the time display and then the button will adjust to set the time. Hope I'm right.

  4. i love the curious george watch!! wow!

    This is the strangest thing.. I was talking to you on etsy.. then went grocery shopping.. came back to view my blog.. then got into customizing it as it's kinda cold outside and I was thinking on my way back.. it's fall.. I should do some changes to my blog.. make if a bit different.

    I came back, fiddled forever with it and ended up choosing the exact same template as yours! (no,.. I didn't look at your blog yet..) and now that Im here, Im thinking, wow. what a nice blog! :)

  5. That table clothe is GORGEOUS! I never gave the linen section of my local thrift stores much thought but I'm going to have to start checking them out now!

  6. okay.. I think I have figured out your curious george watch.

    make it go back to the 1721. Is it a different number now? does it correspond to the time in .. what do you call it.. millitary time? you know how they say "be here at 0900 hours!!" Im thinking it's in THAT time to set it.

    maybe Im just a freak.. :) but the 1721 would make sense if the time read 5:21 when you found that number.. :) I was thinking you could have fiddled with it for 17 minutes since finding that number..

    does any of this make sense?


I really love your comments. Thanks for coming along on my thrifty adventures!

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